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  • TonyQ's Avatar
    13-01-22, 15:02
    Hi there. I'm Tony. I have been spending money fast - sorry, I mean woodturning! - for about 4 years now. I started as a result of encouragement...
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  • Neil Lawton's Avatar
    06-01-22, 18:13
    I made this in November and the article came out in December but I was so busy teaching I forgot to post it here. Thought you lot might like this! ...
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  • Nicholas Andrews's Avatar
    03-01-22, 12:10
    I appreciate this has been discussed many times before but there is currently an interesting dialogue on The International Association of Penturners...
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  • Morse's Avatar
    04-01-22, 07:26
    Morse started a thread Neil Lawton in Off Topic Forum
    Happy New Year to you also Neil. Also Happy Birthday to you. :happybirthday::happybirthday::happybirthday: Dave
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  • Woodmum's Avatar
    07-01-22, 11:29
    Woodmum started a thread Bushing in Pen Making Accessories
    Hi All, I'm very new to the pen turning craft and I'm trying to find my way around all the suplliers. I'm from the Netherlands, and we don't have...
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  • ValleyBoy's Avatar
    12-01-22, 21:01
    Greetings pen people. Made this today. The wood is dyed and stabilised buckeye burr from a batch of different coloured blanks I bought off a guy...
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  • Dalboy's Avatar
    06-01-22, 16:09
    Dalboy started a thread Pebble bowl in Turning Bowls
    This felt so good the first proper turning for 9 Months(Did not count the the clown light I made at the end of last year) spent the afternoon sorting...
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  • Morse's Avatar
    31-12-21, 07:51
    Happy Birthday Davygee. :happybirthday::happybirthday::happybirthday: Have a great New Year. Dave
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  • TVS's Avatar
    29-12-21, 10:23
    Made up a few pens yesterday a Aston pen set in cork Oak and a ball point pen from the PKM-3 series in burr Elm lovely kit even if it is from China...
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  • Atlasboy's Avatar
    04-01-22, 22:01
    Atlasboy started a thread Colour smudging in Turning Pens
    Hi new to here, Can anyone recommend how to stop colour smudging together when I'm finishing. I'm using tulipwood dryed red with light fast stain...
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  • silver's Avatar
    05-01-22, 13:33
    Another Monkey puzzle (Chilean Pine) bowl that I have been asked to turn. C&C most welcome. Video if anyone wants to waste their time...
    10 replies | 243 view(s)
  • Padster's Avatar
    01-01-22, 18:20
    So the wife reciprocated her sewing box, with amongst other things an Axi Gift Card..... So armed with said card I visited the store and spent a...
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  • akirk's Avatar
    10-01-22, 14:45
    Bristol based - been wood turning a short time, and have been introduced to pens by a friend (oh dear!) I have made one, and suddenly seem to have a...
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  • Morse's Avatar
    04-01-22, 07:19
    Morse started a thread Vic Perrin in Off Topic Forum
    Happy New Year Vic. Plus Happy Birthday :happybirthday::happybirthday::happybirthday: Dave
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  • waterbuffalo's Avatar
    13-01-22, 14:58
    leveche fountain pen on a burl hybrid blank from brett cunningham... i think ive finally made something worthy of sale, but what do you guys think?...
    12 replies | 270 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    30-12-21, 09:02
    Neil started a thread Glue in Turning Pens
    If you use CA, thatís great. If you use PU, thatís great. I donít! I use epoxy. The most economical and best consistency in my opinion is this...
    9 replies | 253 view(s)
  • waterbuffalo's Avatar
    12-01-22, 20:26
    and i did it without falling over.:vomit:..twig pot from pear, flower from apple and resin blank and my first attempt at a dibber
    10 replies | 252 view(s)
  • ValleyBoy's Avatar
    19-01-22, 17:49
    Greetings Pen People Todayís offering is a bit of walnut my carpenter friend gave me. It was leftover from some furniture he was making and it had...
    10 replies | 184 view(s)
  • flexi's Avatar
    08-01-22, 22:55
    flexi started a thread Customers in Off Topic Forum
    Hi all, No not a whinging post I thought I would share today's experience. Like most it's great to sell the odd pen or two but most we don't really...
    10 replies | 183 view(s)
  • pittswood's Avatar
    01-01-22, 09:00
    9 replies | 167 view(s)
  • flexi's Avatar
    06-01-22, 18:35
    flexi started a thread Pencil in Wood Turned Pens
    Hi All, 1st 1 of the new year and starting with a Mistral pencil in double dyed burl...... PSI blank orange and black
    8 replies | 153 view(s)
  • Pensman's Avatar
    08-01-22, 19:47
    Iím ex army with combat related injuries after three tours of Afghanistan. My therapists told me to get a hobby, so I did. Iíve been turning pens...
    8 replies | 146 view(s)
  • TVS's Avatar
    22-01-22, 19:13
    TVS started a thread Simple segmenting in Wood Turned Pens
    Made this today just a bit of fun can only do short sessions in me workshop nowadays so keep it simple lol
    8 replies | 128 view(s)
  • Morse's Avatar
    19-01-22, 09:32
    Morse started a thread Pittswood in Off Topic Forum
    Happy Birthday Kelvin, 70 years young:funny: :happybirthday::happybirthday::happybirthday: Dave
    8 replies | 120 view(s)
  • akirk's Avatar
    10-01-22, 14:48
    akirk started a thread FIrst ever in Wood Turned Pens
    As in the intro thread - a friend showed me how to make pens which has led to an order for kit going in and a new part to my hobby for the future......
    9 replies | 111 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    30-12-21, 09:09
    Sold a cigar in black and white acrylic, customer came back for an Alpha to match as a wedding present for her husband and felt left out so asked me...
    8 replies | 182 view(s)
  • Garno's Avatar
    09-01-22, 14:50
    Garno started a thread Lurgy in Off Topic Forum
    Well I know he wont tell you all so thought I will Eamonm silver has only gone and caught the dreaded lurgy better known as Covid. :vomit: He...
    8 replies | 249 view(s)
  • Dalboy's Avatar
    12-01-22, 16:05
    Dalboy started a thread Not a joke in Off Topic Forum
    You could not make it up. Been waiting for a package which contained an Anniversary present for my wife which we celebrated on New Years Eve. It...
    8 replies | 215 view(s)
  • TVS's Avatar
    03-01-22, 13:08
    TVS started a thread Still playing in Turning Bowls
    Turning a 10Ēx3Ē Tulip wood bowl and enjoying ever min of it still a few coats of lacquer to go yet
    7 replies | 174 view(s)
  • Penpal's Avatar
    12-01-22, 03:59
    Imported years ago from Bethlehem found this one in my stash. Coming out of recess is fun. Changed over to between centres,first pen I will have to...
    7 replies | 146 view(s)
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