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  1. Sell: Pens for Heroes Football card
  2. Worth a look everyone
  3. Sell: Robert Sorby Indexing System 3/4" For Sale
  4. Sell: pen blank offer ! cheap cheap cheap
  5. Sell: Zeta Pen Kits....
  6. Sell: Rhodium Zeta Pre Order Launch
  7. Sell: Axminster Trade Series AT8SRG2 Slow Running Grinder
  8. Sell: Group buy interest
  9. Sell: SOLD. Axminster AT 8SRG2 slow speed.
  10. Free: 10 ltr Air Compressor
  11. Sell: Complete workshop for sale
  12. Chrome Epsilon & Rhodium Zeta
  13. Sell: TM Epsilon Chrome now available to pre order.
  14. 14" petrol chain saw
  15. Sell: TM Zeta Rhodium
  16. Sell: Record 53 E woodworking vice
  17. Sell: Dore-Westbury Mk 2 Mill
  18. Wanted: Pen clips
  19. Wanted: desk set boxes.
  20. Free: Tools..
  21. Zeta Full Rhodium take 2!
  22. Epsilom bushings/ bushes
  23. Sell: SELL: Trend Airshield Pro
  24. Sell: Bock fountain pen nibs now available in the UK
  25. Sell: Ryobi One+18.0v NiCad Drill driver
  26. Sell: Bock nib taps now available to pre-order
  27. Sell: Full rhodium zeta
  28. Wanted: Wanted
  29. Sell: New blanks in stock
  30. Sell: SELL: Axminster Compression Pen Mandrel
  31. Sell: Air / Vacuum valves
  32. Wanted: Wanted
  33. Sell: bog oak pen blanks anyone ?
  34. Sell: Pen press for sale
  35. Sell: Propane Gas BarBQ
  36. Sell: Floor Gulper Attachment
  37. Sell: Nobex 180 Mitre Saw
  38. Sell: nice bowl blanks up for grabs !!!
  39. Sell: Wanted:
  40. Sell: KARCHER jet washer for sale 30
  41. Sell: Sell: Casting and vacuum kit
  42. Sell: F.O.C. Adobe Photoshop Books
  43. Free: Drill, scroll saw
  44. Wanted: 1/2" threading kit
  45. Wanted: 12" Log
  46. Sell: Rare wood pen blanks - Updated June 2015
  47. Sell: Sell Camouflage Jackets
  48. Sell: Screwdriver Key Ring Kits
  49. Sell: 1 1/2 HP motor
  50. Sell: ZETA Gun Metal & Rhodium Offer
  51. Sell: Grab it quick
  52. New TM Kitless
  53. SELL Axminster AWBGDL Wide Stone Grinder 6in
  54. TM Resin Saver Omega
  55. Sell: Watch and clock scrap for your steampunk or artwork
  56. Sell: Lancer Pen Kits
  57. Sell: Maxi-grip 2000 Chuck
  58. Sell: extractor
  59. FREE DSLR magazines
  60. Sell: DP58P Pillar Drill for Sale
  61. Sell: Any one need a Myford 8?
  62. Sell: For sale. Robert Sorby Oval Skew 3/4" (19mm)
  63. Sell: Chestnut Products for York 2
  64. Wanted: Help.. chrome omega fp
  65. Sell: Pre Production TM Executive Sierra Avalible at York 2
  66. Sell: Alpha Pre Order
  67. Sell: Gas Bottle - Free to Good home.
  68. Sell: Price list for York 2
  69. Sell: Getting Rid of init?
  70. Sell: Jet JSG-96 Combination Belt & Disc Sander With Stand
  71. Sell: Record power bench morticer
  72. Sell: Kity 439 Planer Thicknesser
  73. Wanted: Thread Chasers
  74. Sell: Sell Bullfinch 1400 Workshop Heater
  75. Sell: Premium ink converter from Beaufort Ink
  76. Sell: Shed Clearance.
  77. Sell: Baron 2 Kits. Chrome / Gold Titanium, Rollerballs & Fountain Pens. 18 Off for sale
  78. Omega Fountain
  79. Sell: Empress Kits. Rollerballs & Fountain Pens. 14 Off for sale + other bits
  80. Sell: Anybody need any wood.
  81. Sell: Axminster AT1416VS
  82. Sell: Triton TSPS450 450W Oscillating Spindle Sander
  83. Sell: A Creusen Power Line slow speed Grinder with Jigs
  84. Sell: Outrigger for the Nova Lathe
  85. Sell: Hold Fast Vacuum system
  86. Wanted: Speed Genie
  87. Sell: Spalted Conker bowl blanks
  88. Sell: Sanding thingys
  89. Sell: Pen Blank Drilling Vice
  90. Sell: Drill Doctor 500X
  91. Sell: Free to anyone who wants to come and get it.
  92. Wanted: Wooden Clamp
  93. Free: Veneer
  94. Sell: Sorby Pro Edge Plus system
  95. Sell: Axminster AT1416VS Lathe with G3 chuck and bits
  96. Sell: AxminsterDeluxe adjustable Pen Mandrel 1MT
  97. Sell: All you need for threading your kitless pens
  98. Sell: Makita LB1200F Bandsaw
  99. Sell: Axminster AWEDE2 Dust Extractor
  100. Wanted: Wanted
  101. Sell: Robert Sorby 3/8 Fingernail Bowl Gouge
  102. Sell: Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
  103. Sell: SELL...Pen Kits
  104. Sell: Sell Axminster AW1416VS
  105. Sell: Sell Ferm FLZ-275
  106. Sell: Ferm ftb16/500
  107. Sell: Jr Gent Kits for sale
  108. Sell: SELL Henry Taylor HSS Dyamic Turning Tools
  109. Sell: Majestic Black TiN/Rhodium Fountain and Rollerball Pen Kits
  110. Sell: Vertex Pen Kits
  111. Sell: Sell - Robert Sorby PEVB Standard Gouge Jig
  112. Sell: Robert Sorby screwchuck
  113. Sell: Robert Sorby 809 Oval Skew Chisel 3/4"
  114. Sell: Robert Sorby 820 Round Nose Scraper Unhandled
  115. Sell: Wanted Robert Sorby - Woodturning Tools - Curved scraper 828H
  116. Wanted: Chinese Ball tools
  117. Zeta Gunmetal and Rhodium
  118. Epsilon now available in Gunmetal.
  119. Sell: Record Lathe.
  120. Sell: Ebonite Pen Blanks
  121. Sell: Sell : Ball turning jig
  122. Sell: Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Rhodium and 22ct Gold Fountain Pen Kit
  123. Sell: Majestic Squire Ballpoint Twist Pen Kit
  124. Sell: Pen kits over stock Elegant Sierra
  125. Sell: Pen kits over stock Baron II Titanium Gold Fountain Pen
  126. Sell: Pillar drills and drill grinder for sale
  127. Sell: As new Trend Airshield Pro
  128. Wanted: Large walnut blank
  129. Sell: Pick your own at Harrogate?
  130. Wanted: 1"+ skew & Richard Raffan turning boxes Book
  131. Omega and Zeta
  132. TaylorsTuesday
  133. Sell: GPS - Skins Blanks - 6" x 39mm for sale
  134. Sell: Cactus Juice, wood stabilising, and free samples...
  135. Sell: Pen display case plans
  136. Sell: Buckeye, maple, and redwood from Rocky/rockb...#1
  137. Sell Axminster 8 in slow speed bench grinder
  138. Sell: Shock Absorber Kits & Knurled GT Kits
  139. Sell: Redwood, maple and buckeye burl from Rocky/rockb....#2
  140. Sell: Wanted....Heavy duty scraper
  141. Sell: All you need for turning pens. All brand new.
  142. Wanted: Carving chisels
  143. January Sales
  144. Wanted: Wanted Carvers Vice
  145. Wanted: Hi all
  146. Sell: Plastic display/storage trays
  147. Sell: Wanted
  148. Sold: 2 leather pen cases
  149. Sell: Two more pen cases
  150. Sell: Wood Pen Blanks!
  151. Sell: Jet lathe for sale
  152. Sell: Maple, redwood, and manzanita burl from Rocky
  153. Sell: Olive wood pen blanks!
  154. Sell: Spalted / Burr Sycamore
  155. Sell: 6 x Record Chisels for sale
  156. Sold: 3 x Carbide tipped chisel set
  157. Free: Startrite Mercury pillar drill - FREE to good home
  158. Sell: Boxed set of Marples carving chisels for sale.
  159. Wanted: Jet afs-500 air filtrtion system
  160. Sell: Saturday night special!
  161. Sell: 15% off all pen stands
  162. Wanted: Motor for Startrite Mercury Drill Mk1 4 Speed
  163. Free: Members in the Kent area - Free Laburnum
  164. Sell: Axminster AWSBS Bandsaw
  165. Sell: Canon 400d Dslr
  166. Sell: proedge like buses
  167. Sell: Robert Sorby Pro Edge
  168. Double door 10x8
  169. Sell: Woodturning mag
  170. Sell: Dovetail Jig
  171. Wanted: Chuck
  172. Sell: Brand new slimline MT1 live centre 15
  173. Sell: 3 Boxed expansive bits 15 plus post
  174. Sell: Faithfull planes 9.1/2 and 60.1/2 Block Planes in Wooden box
  175. Sell: Record CL2 Lathe Electronic Variable Speed
  176. Sell: TM Delta Pre Order
  177. Sell: Mixed blanks.
  178. Sell: few oddments, clearing stuff i dont use..offers accepted
  179. Sell: Casio Mens Sports Gear Twin Sensor Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch SGW-400H
  180. Sell: Mix and match!
  181. Sold: Jr Gent, Lucida, Slimline & Streamline kits for sale
  182. Sell: Oakfest!
  183. Sold: Auction for Blind Veterans!
  184. Wood (yes more ) would you be interested ?
  185. Sell: sole
  186. Wanted: Disc sander
  187. Sell: SOLD- pyrography machine
  188. Sell: SOLD- Leatherman Rebar multitool and screwdriver attachment
  189. Sell: Yellow box pen blanks & Aussie burls red mallee, cooloibah, yellow box, various sizes
  190. Wanted: Wanted!!! Better grinder
  191. Sold: Woodturning chisel sharpening jig
  192. Sell: Carbide chisel set with 4 interchangeable tips.
  193. Sell: Few more bits for sale. Making space in my shed again.
  194. Sold: Final pen turning bits for sale.
  195. Sell: UJK Technology Router Plate and Sub Base
  196. Sold: Dust Extractors
  197. Sell: Olive Rippled Ash pen blanks
  198. Sell: metal bandsaw
  199. Sold: Complete woodturning set up for sale.
  200. Sell: Record Mortice Machine
  201. Sold: vintage measuring tools, all proceeds will be given to woody for help the hero's
  202. Sell: SiP 12" x 36" Swivel Head Lathe
  203. Wanted: Wanted Carbon Fibre blanks
  204. Sold: Sorby Hollowing Tool
  205. Sold: Jet DC-950A Extractor
  206. Wanted: Wanted Myrte Wood Burl
  207. Sell: Majestic Black TN/Rhodium Pen Kits Package
  208. Sell: White Oak blanks for sale
  209. Sold: Veritas micro adjust marking gauge with metric measurements/
  210. Sell: Collection of Ridgeway, clarke, irwin usa miro dial expansive wood bits.
  211. Sold: motorola full metal flip phone, ideal for workshop/business use.
  212. Sold: lump of ropala lacewood for sale
  213. Sell: Black locust burl pen blanks
  214. Sell: Flush Morticed Bench Stop Spring Loaded pair of 2 fitted but not used.
  215. Sold: Birchwood Casey TRU OIL GUN STOCK FINISH KIT Air Gun Rifle Shotgun
  216. Sold: Exotic pen blanks
  217. Sell: black locust burl pen blanks
  218. Sell: Plum wood pen blanks 150mmlenght
  219. Sell: Pepper & salt mill blanks Black Locust Burl
  220. Sold: Record Power DP16B pillar drill for sale
  221. Sold: Record power Ac400 two-stage-air-filter-with-remote-3-speeds-and-timer
  222. Sold: FOR SALE Charnwood w370 bandsaw
  223. Sell: Qualcast 18" elct chain saw
  224. Sold: Alumilite Pen Blanks Charity Sale
  225. Sold: Bandsaw
  226. Sell: BLB pen blanks
  227. Wanted: One way Pin Jaws
  228. Sold: Trend Air Shield Pro
  229. Sold: Giving up due to ill health
  230. Sold: FOR SALE uncut cherry and some bowl blanks. OFFERS
  231. Sold: job lot of tools for sale
  232. Sold: AC400 Two Stage Air Filter with Remote 3 Speeds and Time Delay
  233. Sell: Free wood - if you have the tools.
  234. Sold: Crown mini revolution hollowing tool
  235. Sold: One last for sale post, (mods please close others)
  236. Sold: Denford Viceroy lathe - currently not working
  237. Sell: Air Compressor
  238. Sold: Black locust burl pen blanks ,2 sets
  239. Lathe tool rest
  240. Wanted: Collet Chuck
  241. Free: British Woodworking magazines
  242. Sell: cleo messograph pen and pencil set. 29 posted.
  243. Sell: Too much timber for me to use
  244. Sell: Black locust burl pen blanks 3
  245. Sell: Red& brown Mallees
  246. Sell: 3M Versaflos and Powered air kitsfor sale
  247. Wanted: 50mm spindle offcuts or larger pen blanks
  248. Sell: 9 Pen blanks(Black locust burl) 130x21x21mm
  249. Sell: Black Poplar Burl
  250. Sell: Sorby pro edge for sale