View Full Version : My first Sierras

06-07-13, 18:28
The one on the top is cocobolo finished with Friction polish.

The one on the bottom is Panga Panga with 5 coats of CA, this picture doesn't do it justice, the colour is fabulous, all my thanks to Jim the donor !

06-07-13, 18:38
You have done a good job of these Phill, and i know the pictures are going to do your head in but it is the turning that matters ... :thumbs:

06-07-13, 18:39
Bloody good course you were on!!!!! lol:thumbs::thumbs:

06-07-13, 19:29
The joints look perfect Phill, shame about the photo.


06-07-13, 19:32
Well done Phill, now at least we can see them :thumbs:

As Jim said, the pictures will do you head in. But the turning is more important at first. Once you want to start showing your work for selling that's when it's more important to get the picture right.

Jed Baxter
06-07-13, 20:25
The good thing is you can see the shape which looks good the rest will come. :bwink:

07-07-13, 00:14
Nice one Phil......I mean two...