View Full Version : Desk pen for an engineer friend

10-07-13, 23:16
THe biro is advanced by the end of the micrometer quite a lot of work overall the timber is Cocobolo. Now I will slow down posting because when I joined I did so to stimulate interest in Slimlines and innovation, the posting rate was slow in general, comments mostly sparse few syllables now more exciting to be here. Jim i have enjoyed watching you building the site all the best.

Kind regards Peter.

11-07-13, 05:49
Very cleverly done, Peter!

11-07-13, 06:44
Again, very clever Peter. Does it effect the balance of the pen?

11-07-13, 06:52
Peter you have an engineers brain with your designs. Keep posting!!!!!!!!:thumbs:

11-07-13, 07:58
Genius! I love that pen and the idea of combining different elements to make a pen personal. :thumbs:

11-07-13, 08:00
Fabulous idea and really cleverly executed.

Please don't slow down, us new boys to this game get inspiration from seeing what can be done with experience and skill.

11-07-13, 08:44
peter that is a fantastic feat of ingenuity that commands my undying respect, Many thanks for showing it.
I understand and believe in the sentiment of your writeup too.
If you never posted again you have already earned your place in history but please don't slow down its always a pleasure to see your work.

11-07-13, 11:50
+1 for George's comments.

My little lad and I love to look through the "show off your finished items thread" every morning and it certainly wouldn't be the same without your wonderful creations Peter. You give give all of us some great ideas and inspiration, a certain 6 year old boy included. So please don't slow down!

11-07-13, 14:34
Your friend is very very lucky. Well done that man!!


11-07-13, 19:18
Peter, as said by all, your creations are an inspiration to all of us, i love making slimlines, but i love seeing how you can take the same kit to a higher level .. I appreciate what you have said and thank you for your contribution here, not forgetting that it is you guys that have done all the hard work, but i would hate to see it stop now you have wet our lips ... :thumbs: