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17-07-13, 20:57
I lightened the pic a bit always have difficulty with pics of deep colour and grain. Lucked out yesterday a fine furniture maker mate of mine sold me to die for Huon Pine Burl, Red Mallee Burl, some Macassar Ebony, Figured Myrtle, highly figured Blackwood and a block of 50000 yrs Ancient River Red Gum ( he buys it for joinery pieces he said he is the only one he knows that does, some Wenge plus other pieces. His work is outstanding using exceptional materials. He is in the process of moving from Commercial premises to his home with a huge shed when he rang me I was on chauffeur duty with the family squeezed in an hour for me. Such an abundance of excitement.

All the Rosewoods have features Honduran moody with sapwood detail sapwood stirs the imagination, I am thinking just straight turning for a while I have box full of other kits I might break out to try as well.

Catching the enthusiasm on the site with interest.

Kind regards Peter.

17-07-13, 21:01
I think your rubbing it in Peter mentioning all those exotic woods. lol. but seriously that is a beautiful pen. Thanks for showing!!!!:thumbs:

17-07-13, 21:07
This is a stunning pen Peter, the wood is superb quality, i wish i had a draw full of this... :bwink:

17-07-13, 21:08
Huh blooming showing of LOL seriously that is one very fine pen beautiful bit of wood that from one very jealous admirer :vangry: please keep em coming

17-07-13, 22:44
Wow, Brilliant... Need more wood :vangry:, got to find a source out there......

18-07-13, 07:33
What they all said, Peter! Very jealous ...

18-07-13, 07:59
Lovely grain on the blank, lovely pen!

18-07-13, 09:30
Ditto to all said above

18-07-13, 13:31
Ditto ditto to all above


18-07-13, 16:11
Very nice wood Peter. I think I would have used it on a nice fountain pen or top end roller ball as I believe that wood deserves something special.. But nice all the same..

mervyn cadman
19-07-13, 07:05
Honduras Rosewoods I just love this timber - great work Peter.