View Full Version : Hello from Merseyside

16-04-15, 07:41
Just joined as I have recently bought a Lathe for our 15 year old son.
Its a small metal lathe but we fancy making some pens so look out for our stupid beginners questions

16-04-15, 07:44
welcome from sunny Manchestder.

16-04-15, 07:48
Welcome to the forum.


16-04-15, 07:55
Welcome from Australia Dave and son will look up Merseyside and will find out where that is.


Vic Perrin
16-04-15, 08:49
Hi you will find tons of advice on here

16-04-15, 08:51
Welcome to the forum where you'll get all the advice you want and more. Ask away :thumbs:

Phil Dart
16-04-15, 08:53
Hi Dave - welcome aboard. If you don't know the answer its probably not a stupid question, so feel free to ask away. Some of us are a bit odd, but you'll learn to work with that ( I use the word "us" quite loosely) :bwink: but there is a wealth of experience here and everyone is willing to help, so don't be shy. Oh, and it's quite good fun as well!

And welcome to your son too.


16-04-15, 09:23
Welcome Dave, have fun

16-04-15, 09:35
Welcome to the nuthouse Dave and son. Plenty of advice given here. The others will be along soon when their medication kicks in :banana::banana:

Bill Mooney
16-04-15, 09:50
Welcome Dave, enjoy the forum & ask away. We were all like you once. New starters who knew nowt.
Maybe we are old starters now & still know nowt but we will help as much as we can.:ciggrin:

16-04-15, 10:30
Welcome Dave. There are no stupid questions, everyone has to start somewhere. No matter what the question there is always someone else who has been sitting there afraid to ask, that is the beauty of the forum and it is how we all learn. Allen

16-04-15, 10:34
Hello Dave welcome to the Asylum mate!

16-04-15, 12:13
welcome from sunny Manchestder.
It is also sunny in Manchester :mooney2: I know shocking isn't it :funny:

Anyway welcome to the mad house Dave The only stupid question is the one you don't ask :wink:
Mind you with this lot you'll get plenty of answers with differing opinions :whistling:

Terry Q
16-04-15, 12:52
Welcome Dave glad to have you aboard.

16-04-15, 15:47
Welcome aboard Dave !!!:thumbs:

16-04-15, 16:30
Welcome Dave


16-04-15, 17:23
Welcome Dave mate

16-04-15, 17:24
Welcome to the forums Dave, 15 is a great age to start off in this business .. Don't worry, there are no stupid questions my friend .. :thumbs:

16-04-15, 17:29
Welcome Dave. I started woodturning at 13 and if you want to sell things people can't resist a youngster 'trying to raise money for college' ;)

16-04-15, 17:48
Welcome Dave. I started woodturning at 13 and if you want to sell things people can't resist a youngster 'trying to raise money for college' ;)

Thanks, That's the idea for him, he has just struck a deal with a Magic shop to sell his 1 coin tricks he makes, so looking at pens next

16-04-15, 17:49
Any one local who could give us a few lessons?