View Full Version : Roman Harvest Fountain in Myrtle Burr

21-07-13, 21:31
This is made from a bit of the wood I bought yesterday, the Myrtle Burr. Bit disappointed with the photography but lifes too short to try and conquer that!
http://i969.photobucket.com/albums/ae180/NeilFarrer/ab865308-847c-46ff-8024-b4996f3873f2.jpg (http://s969.photobucket.com/user/NeilFarrer/media/ab865308-847c-46ff-8024-b4996f3873f2.jpg.html)

21-07-13, 21:42
Great looking Man's pen Neil, the picture is not to bad, you can make out a pen at least.. :winking: This is the new style kit i believe? There were problems with the plastic in the center band if i remember correctly, this looks much better .. :bwink:

22-07-13, 06:12

Like two things your choice of timber, that kit. An aversion in use of so many kits they use the long skinny metal from the point end to the nib, this does not and in use more comfortable to hold over time taken to write a letter etc,
Share with you anxiety in taking pics and placing them on the forum my bad computers came to me later on from film cameras.

Kind regards Peter.

22-07-13, 10:19
Nice one Neil

23-07-13, 19:33
Excellent work Neil. Love it!!!!:thumbs: