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30-04-15, 22:18
Hey there folks, my names Greg and I'm an early thirties IT engineer who's looking for more than just turning ones into zeros and vice versa. That's the easy bit outta the way :)

I've been a fountain pen user since my school days and in recent years have acquired a variety of pens, inks and papers. I'd say my first introduction to a turned pen, that wasn't made by a major manufacturer, was an Edison Pearl via a group buy on the Fountain Pen Network back in 2012. I was highly impressed with the fit and finish. After that I got stuck into looking at the different materials people were using, other people that were making custom pens and a general kernel of interest formed.

A couple of things struck me a few weeks back:

1- There are more materials out there that I'd love a pen made from than I can afford to have others produce.
2- I have some friends getting married early next year and a hand made pen would make an awesome gift. Luckily they have expressed an interest in a nice pen but don't know I'm intending to make one for them.

So I decided to have a chat with my dad who restores vintage and classic bikes as his hobby and has a workshop to support this including a lathe and mill. One conversation turned into another and I was on the receiving end of a lathing lesson on how to make swarf. Turns out I'm not bad at making nothing from something so far!

As it happened he had heard of a friend who'd recently upgrading their wood lathe and who might have their old one knocking around. With a handy conversation between my father and said friend it turned out that his old lathe had already been passed onto his son... but... he'd acquired another one in a package with some chisels that he wasn't expecting and also that his wife wanted it moved outta the shed before they move house next month. Well, what a spot of luck. This then lead to me being the recipient of a wood lathe that, with a bit of spit n polish, has cleaned up ok. I think it's a little large but I ain't going to turn down a freebie like this.

It's a 1986 Elektra HDM 1000 with an odd M20x1.5 thread on the, er, headstock section, so I'm looking into the options for adaptors and chucks to allow me to mount a mandrel. The only option I think I've seen so far is to get a parallel mandrel and a chuck/jaws that will grip it ok. I'll make a post in the relevant section asking for some advice shortly.

Not wanting to stand still I've booked myself on a one day pen making course with Turners Retreat in the UK in a couple of weeks. as it's relatively close to me up here in the North end of the county (Cumbria).

Now to clear a space in the garage to fit the beast and watch even more videos on turning. Let the adventure being, I'm looking forward to this one :)

30-04-15, 22:25
Welcome to the forum.

30-04-15, 22:39
Welcome to the forum Greg the guys on here are a wealth of knowledge but be aware turning is addictive :thumbs:

30-04-15, 23:23
Welcome aboard. Always good to see another new member north of Watford.:bwink:

30-04-15, 23:45
Nice freebie, you'll soon be spending lots of money.:thumbs:

01-05-15, 05:17
Welcome to the asylum Greg, have fun mate..:thumbs:

01-05-15, 05:29
Welcome fella. Nice looking lathe

01-05-15, 05:31
Greetings and welcome to the nut house. .. looks like a cracker of a lathe for nout

Phil Dart
01-05-15, 05:42
Hi Greg - welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour. Enjoy your course at Turners Retreat

01-05-15, 06:35
Welcome to the forum Greg :thumbs:

Vic Perrin
01-05-15, 06:51
Hi Greg, you will mind everything you need to know and more on here

01-05-15, 07:04
Hi Greg and welcome to the forum.:thumbs:

01-05-15, 07:07
Welcome aboard Greg !!!:thumbs:

01-05-15, 07:22
Hi Greg

and welcome to insanity


01-05-15, 07:36
Welcome to the mad house

01-05-15, 07:46
Welcome to the forum Greg. Any questions you have just ask away and that wedding pen will be knocked up in no time at all. :thumbs:

01-05-15, 08:03
Welcome to the asylum.

Nice freebie that for sure, but you'll still end up spending a small fortune :funny:

01-05-15, 08:11
Hey there folks, my names Greg and I'm an early thirties IT engineer who's looking for more than just turning ones into zeros and vice versa.

That sounds familiar (although I am verging on mid thirties now)!

Welcome to the madhouse, good luck on making something from something!

Bill Mooney
01-05-15, 09:04
Welcome to the forum Greg. Hope you enjoy your pen turning.:thumbs:

01-05-15, 10:23
Welcome whats his name oh yes Greg you poor poor bugger you as soon as you set foot in here the door was shut tight and locked behind you no escape now you are lost to the dark art of pen turning watch out for the plonkers club they are on the look out for new members there chairman has already got his eye on you beware go away I will take me tablets when I'm ready no not the white jacket again

01-05-15, 12:31
Hi Greg some talk even this day about special requirements for using making pens for weddings especially for signing away life as we know it enjoy the forum.

From over here Peter.:thumbs::thumbs:

01-05-15, 19:44
Well blow me over sideways, that's gotta be the most replies and warmest welcome to a forum I've seen in many years :) Thanks everyone and I hope that I can contribute to the knowledge pool down the line!

01-05-15, 19:55
Welcome to the forums Greg, that sure is a decent lathe for a freebie .. :thumbs:

01-05-15, 19:58
Welcome to the forum Greg, pity about where you live tho...but I suppose someone has to live there..:face:

We have a few other forum members up that neck of the woods, then again they are all nutters as well so you might just have found a place that you can be happy just like the zeros and ones you have enjoyed playing with..:devil:

01-05-15, 20:27
Welcome Greg. I am one of the nutters from your neck of the woods, just down the road in Lancaster. Loads of useful information on this site. Hope you enjoy it. Allen

01-05-15, 21:11
Welcome aboard Greg mate

02-05-15, 14:31
G'Day Greg,

Welcome to the forum from the cold dry Alice Springs.

http://i511.photobucket.com/albums/s356/wm460/Anzac%20Day%20Etc/a0be5eb3-075e-4ac8-ab4a-bdf58534af58.jpg (http://s511.photobucket.com/user/wm460/media/Anzac%20Day%20Etc/a0be5eb3-075e-4ac8-ab4a-bdf58534af58.jpg.html)