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02-08-13, 09:02
We have seen on another thread the various methods used for squaring blanks which got me thinking. What methods are used to square and sand various shapes prior to gluing up for segmented pens?:thinks::thinks::thinks:

02-08-13, 09:35
Terry, I'm sure you'll get lots of different answers to this one! For me it varies from "I don't sand" to "on the belt sander". For feathering and celtic cross stuff where you don't actually cut the blank apart there is not much you can do to get into the kerf and sand - maybe fold a piece of sandpaper double and slide it up and down in the cut to get rid of the worst of the rough stuff. For more complex segementing where the angle of the cut is critical (like my AdAstra) you can't be too free with sanding or you will alter the angle and ruin the join, so I use diamond warding files to carefully clean up the surfaces. Where it is long straight pieces I just run them over the belt sander (with a very worn old belt on) to flatten them. I use gap-filling glue too (thick CA or two-part epoxy) so that any gaps will be filled.

02-08-13, 10:29
Terry, I'm sure you'll get lots of different answers to this one!

I agree David but I thought it would make an interesting debate!!!!:whistling::whistling:

02-08-13, 14:06
The only segmented pens I have ever made are celtic knots, George cross, Andrews cross and a white pen with a black cross so I'm not realy sure if I qualify to answer this one but here goes all my cute were done on an old very sharp hand miter saw which left corian right smooth and wood needed very little sanding but what bit I did do was done on a fine disk sander

02-08-13, 21:09
A quick rub over my belt sander usually does the trick Terry, as David says, i don't touch the cuts made on a Celtic Cross, but i do rub down the inlays with a quick rub of sandpaper ... Usually with segmenting a few scratches does the trick ... :bwink:

02-08-13, 21:27
Thanks gents. I suppose you still use the bandsaw to cut a lot of pieces!!!!!