View Full Version : Streamline Pen With Malachite Corian

09-12-12, 15:16
A Streamline twist style pen made from Malachite Corian. The corian is bluey green colour with tiny black, light green and white speckles, the accents are finished in gun-metal ..


06-01-13, 14:25
Nice looking pen Jim. I've not turned corian yet but my mate who fits kitchens is looking out for some for me. Whats it like to turn, is it anything like acrylic? I've turned a few crylic but don't particularly like it, I much prefer natural wood.

06-01-13, 14:46
Thanks for the comment Keith, corian is very easy to turn as long as the tools are sharp .. The main thing with turning this material is very similar to acrylic, take very little cuts, if you go in to hard with the tool you will certainly have mishaps. I honestly love corian, it comes up lovely to after sanding and polishing .. :thumbs:

The Wood Bucket
06-01-13, 18:07
That is a great looking pen. Can't wait for my corian to get here. hopefully Monday.

07-01-13, 07:01
Nice.... Good colour matching from the blanks and metal work

07-01-13, 19:21
Yes the 2 colours really go together. Quality pen Jim. :bwink:

I have only turned a few streamline pens, they are nice pens which are slightly thicker than a slimline one, but my only negative is thatt the center band on the streamline is rather loose, which can be annoying. :down: