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13-08-13, 22:32
Hi all
Hoping someone can help me out, I'm looking for some cardboard pen boxes to put my pens in when I sell them, grey or black with or without the pastic viewing window in the lid.
I have searched all over and can't find any so hoping someone on here will know somewhere.
Thanks in advance

13-08-13, 22:44
Welcome Richard, something like this? Pen Presentation Box (http://www.business-gifts-supplier.co.uk/pen-cases.php) :thinks:

13-08-13, 22:54
Or rather this one ... Single Presentation Box (http://www.allwag.co.uk/detail_7584_102_9_FB01-Single-Presentation-Box.aspx) :nooidea:

The full display on the website is here .. Pens - Gift Boxes (http://www.allwag.co.uk/subcat_9_102_Pens---Gift-Boxes.aspx)

13-08-13, 23:12
Thanks jim
Not exactly what I was looking for but they are not bad and quite a good price too. The ones I was looking for are all cardboard.

13-08-13, 23:50
these are all cardboard from axminster :
Buy Pack of 10 Pen Presentation/Display Boxes from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK (http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-pack-of-10-pen-presentation-display-boxes-prod649858/)

14-08-13, 16:04
Thanks for that matty those are just what I'm looking for. :thumbs: