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22-09-15, 18:49


There we go my first Corian slimline. After a lot of problems with the drilling I got there with a little push from Eamonn.
Through the grits as normal and finished of with a couple of shots of T-cut. Thing I don't like is the gold finish I had intended to use gun metal but the two kits I have are missing the centre pieces. :banana::banana::banana:

22-09-15, 18:51
Nice one peter..:thumbs:

22-09-15, 19:00
Well it may have taken a long time but boy was it worth it well done that is one very nice pen

22-09-15, 19:01
Very nice pen Peter :thumbs:

22-09-15, 19:22
This is a beauty Peter, corian does make nice pens .. :thumbs:

22-09-15, 21:30
You've turned a very nice pen Peter :thumbs:

22-09-15, 21:36
Well Done..:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

Superb looking pen Peter. I said you could do it.:banana::banana::banana::banana:

You have every right to :banana: mate.. spot on.

You do realise you have got the bug now don't you! :winking:

Bill Mooney
22-09-15, 22:02
Nowt wrong with that pen Peter. Well done.:thumbs:

22-09-15, 22:11
Kit choice entirely personal pen great I find they run out the door I just got fed up with 1/2 inch 7mm hole in the middle gymnastics. then comes the result like this mate very satisfying. Well done Peter.


23-09-15, 07:37
Looks great Peter.:thumbs::thumbs:

23-09-15, 07:45
A nice pen Peter. I know some people are quite critical of Corian for pens but I find they are quite popular with users.

23-09-15, 21:14
Thanks guys it really spurs a newby on when you give these positive responses. I've just made its partner a pencil, it took three mechinisms before it would work. The first refused to go in and had to demolish it to get it back out, second fell to bits, finally got it with the third.