View Full Version : A few 'Non-turned' recent projects..

24-12-12, 05:58
Firstly, a small 9cm blade gralloching knife for one of my sons, who will be shooting his first buck this year.. (he hasn't seen this yet, it was finished last night, and getting wrapped for his xmas present. The elm burr was given to us by the shoot captain at my syndicate, where my children come beating..


Secondly, a larger heavy use gralloching knife for my own use, in o1 tool steel.


This was a full tang finished with tulip wood scales and mosaic pins.

I've got a couple more waiting for scales for friends, and fellow stalkers.

24-12-12, 13:36
Very nice Matty, did you also make the sheath? :thinks:

24-12-12, 15:07
Not on this occasion Jim, its my next challenge though. I have a couple of knives to make for friends, i intend to make the sheaths for them.