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31-08-13, 19:44

Guys and Gals, here are the details for September's Competition which will be a Majestic Squire 22kt 2-Micron Gold & Rhodium Ballpoint Twist Pen Kit


The competition is open to any member with 25 posts or more ...

This months challenge is to make any pen made with any material which will be judged on photo ... One entry per member, pen cannot have been shown on this or any other forum before the competition starts, and not to be posted on this or any other forum other than in the contest before it ends. The contest to be anonymous (i.e. PM pictures of your entry to Jim who will post them in the entries thread without naming the creator).

The Prize will be Shipped worldwide ...

The contest will start on Sunday 1st September and Close midnight Sunday 22nd September ...

The top three nominations will then go into a poll from the 23rd to the 29th where all members can vote for their favourite pen, this will give us our winner ...

When this competition starts each member will have one nomination to see how to nominate please read this thread http://www.penturners.co.uk/penturners-competition-forum/538-how-use-nominatation-competitions.html ....

Good Luck to all who enter ... :thumbs:

07-09-13, 11:00
Don't forget to get those pictures off to me as early as you can, as the pictures will then be added to this thread and the top three Nominated pens will go into a poll.. The later you leave it the less time members will have to see your pen, and by this time they may have used up their one Nomination ... :whistling:

07-09-13, 21:01
Here is the first entry for September's Competition ...

A Gold Plated Baron on a Cherry Blank ... :thumbs:


08-09-13, 19:47
Entry number Two is a Euro on a Red Mallee blank ... :thumbs:


08-09-13, 21:33
Entry number Three is a chrome atrex ballpoint with stabilised buckeye burl ... :thumbs:


09-09-13, 17:31
Entry number Four is a Baron II upgrade gold and the acrylic is blue with shades of gold running through it. :thumbs:



12-09-13, 19:37
Entry number Five is a Fancy Slimline, On a Oak and Teak Segmented blank with added 'Red' Pigment. Finish - CA and Micromesh, T-Cut. :thumbs:


12-09-13, 19:44
If you are not sure how to make your vote then please Read This Post (http://www.penturners.co.uk/penturners-competition-forum/538-how-use-nominatation-competitions.html) .. For entries to go into the poll you have to make your nomination. Each member has one nomination that can only be used in this thread to choose which pen you like the best ... If you are not sure on anything then please drop me a PM and i will help as much as i can ... :thumbs:

15-09-13, 12:45
Entry number Six is a Sierra on an Oak blank segmented with dyed Sycamore and aluminium strips. :thumbs:


16-09-13, 18:13
Entry number Seven pen is an Olive wood, 2 pieces of Blackwood and fittings from a slimline. :thumbs:


17-09-13, 19:47
Only a few days left guys .. Don't leave it to the last minute as everyone may have used up the one nomination they have ... :bwink:

18-09-13, 18:36
Saturday is closing day for this competition guys .. Also please start looking at the pens entered ready to make you nominations, if you are not sure how to do this then please drop me a PM .... :wink:

19-09-13, 22:05
Please don't forget to make your nominations for Septembers Competition ... :whistling:

20-09-13, 16:19
Entry number Eight is a Purple Mother of Pearl Sedona Chrome Fountain pen. :thumbs:


Please try and make your nominations guys, only only today left ... :thumbs:

21-09-13, 07:50
Today is the last day for entries guys ... :thumbs: