View Full Version : Adding an Avatar

28-04-16, 20:23
Click on the UserCP link at the top left of the page ..


Click on the link Edit Avatar again on the left hand side under My Settings ..

To add an Avatar that is added by default, just click on the one you want from the options shown, you have more choices then on the bottom right of the screen if needed.


To add a picture from your computer use option 2, click on “Choose File” then select the image then click upload, or open ..

Hope This Helps.

28-04-16, 22:17
Must be time to change mine thanks Jim..


29-04-16, 10:44
It worked!:tongue:

29-04-16, 10:48
Maybe time for an update of mine, the photo used for my avatar is about 5 years old, so new one will have me looking less debonair & dashing, with less hair & what there is will be greyer and there's likely to be a bit more of me :whistling::whistling: