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15-11-16, 11:07
Good morning
I have a customer enquiry for a pen similar to the one shown, anyone know of a blank that even approaches this type?

15-11-16, 11:14
Hi Bill and welcome, there is nothing to view Sir. :thinks:

Phil Dart
15-11-16, 11:43
Hi Bill - welcome to the forum. You won't be able to post pictures until you've achieved 5 posts I'm afraid. Jokes in the laughter section and comments in the buy/sell section don't count, so why not tell us a bit about yourself in the Introduce yourself section, and you'll soon be away.

Vic Perrin
15-11-16, 11:56
Hi Bill and welcome to the Forum:thumbs:

15-11-16, 14:39
Welcome on board Bill,, why don't you introduce yourself on here http://www.penturners.co.uk/introduce-yourself-to-penturners-forum/

Lets us understand who you are and what you do! :thumbs:

16-11-16, 07:07
G'Day Bill and welcome to the Forum.:thumbs::thumbs:

16-11-16, 09:18
Hi Bill from over here in Canberra. I enjoy the forum trust you will too.


16-11-16, 18:44
Welcome to the mad house