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Forum Phil
14-01-17, 09:11
Before I announce the results I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone, both those who entered and those who voted, for showing support and for joining in the spirit of the thing. A good number of entries from makers at all levels of experience encouraged votes in greater numbers than any of the competitions throughout last year. Every single entry received votes, and I'm sure you will agree with me when I say they all can be regarded as winners.

However, some entries received more votes than others, and I am delighted to announce that the person who made the pen with the most votes is.................

fingwe - Huge congratulations Melanie. Your pen has led the voting from the word go and you win first prize with an extremely worthy entry.


In second place by a small margin is Buckeye. Congratulations Peter - I'm not sure we've seen kitless work from you on the forum before.


After a last minute flurry of voting last night, in closely fought third place is Dalboy. Congratulations Derek - justification for your last minute decision to enter.


The pens in runners up positions were made by (in alphabetical order), Bassethound, Bill Mooney, Chisel_Wizz, Gizmo3k, Gsteer, Penpal, Sgreen, Terry Q, Vic Perrin, Woodhacker and Yorkshireman. I'm sure we can all have fun trying to put a pen to their name, but I will leave it to the runners up themselves to identify their work if they wish to. Congratulations - every single pen received votes and there is a runners up prize for you all.

The prizes for this competition have been funded by Beaufort Ink, Neil Lawton Pen Blanks, and by the Forum itself.

An extremely successful competition to round off the series - thank you to everyone who contributed to it in any way, and to all those who contributed to the competitions throughout last year. Money-off vouchers to spend at Beaufort Ink will be awarded to all entrants in the 2016 competitions including this one - the more competitions you entered, the greater the value your voucher will be. I will be in touch with everybody over the coming days, to sort out prizes and to pass on a few hundred pounds worth of vouchers codes.

Lastly, if you have any good ideas for competition themes for the future, please get in touch - I'm all ears.

14-01-17, 09:41
Well done Melanie beautiful Pen and finish.

I liked the second place in Bamboo.

The third place pen was a ripper.

Very successful competition all round. I supported the year as best I could now I know members will enter I am free to come back out and be an observer. many thanks.


14-01-17, 09:43
Any one of those could have been in first place. Congratulations to all.

14-01-17, 09:46
Congratulations to Melanie and Derek as well as everyone who entered:thumbs:

I am pleased to get a place, but feel a bit of a fraud as I wasn't able to finish my pen the way it was intended, I managed to get it uploaded with 10 minutes to go after working on it all day, I even went back into the garage at 9.30 pm after dinner and a snooze, to try and get it finished. I am sure I will come across the pieces I dropped on the floor and had to make over again. I am hoping to finish it off properly when I get the energy.


14-01-17, 10:22
Congratulations to the three winners,:claps::claps::claps:
I picked one of them.:ciggrin:

Well done to every else that entered.:up::up:

Vic Perrin
14-01-17, 10:37
:claps::claps:A well worthy Winner:claps::claps:

Bill Mooney
14-01-17, 10:57
Congratulations to all who entered, especially the winners. Well deserved.:thumbs: some beautiful pens in the competition

14-01-17, 12:07
A very worthy first place. The finish on that pen looks superb.

14-01-17, 12:18

Wow, THANK YOU everyone, I can't believe it!!! Being so new, I nearly didn't enter, as I didn't think I'd stand a chance. It was only because Phil specifically invited newcomers in the competition thread that I thought I'd have a go. There were some lovely pens entered, so I'm thrilled that you thought mine worthy!

Gosh, I still can't believe it :goesred:

14-01-17, 13:03
Well done to all that entered. And congratulations to Melanie for a well deserved 1st place.

I am also surprised as I only put this in as a last minute entry

14-01-17, 13:06
Well done everybody who took part. A special handshake for the placed winners. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

14-01-17, 13:14
Every entry was worthy of a prize and the finish on the winner was exceptional, well done Melanie.

14-01-17, 14:39
Well done to everyone who entered - I liked 'em all! In particular, congrats to the three winners!


Terry Q
14-01-17, 15:02
Congratulations winners. 3 great choices.

14-01-17, 16:03
Congratulations everyone, the finish on that pen Melanie is fantastic. Especially like your bamboo one too Peter, you'd never know the finish wasn't quite how you wanted!

14-01-17, 16:44
I agree with all the above comments. Some fantastic entries and a worthy winner.

14-01-17, 23:27
A big thanks again to everyone. And a special thanks to Phil, Neil and the forum itself for the very generous prizes. :thumbs:

16-01-17, 10:14
Well done, Melanie and Derek, beautiful pens.

16-12-17, 11:00
Well done Melanie and all the other entrants, but lets have a BIG round of applause for Phil for sponsoring the competition
Well done PHIL :thumbs:

16-12-17, 20:01
I like your spirit Ray the year was 2016 and thanks for reviving this achievement.


Cumbrian Craig
16-12-17, 22:32
3 really nice pens. This forum has some HUGE talent. Well done all and congregations to the winner:thumbs:

16-12-17, 23:05
Congratulations to the winners great pens.:thumbs::thumbs:
I didn't know there was a comp on.:goesred: