View Full Version : Introduced to the problems when first turning your pens

30-10-11, 17:34
What problem did you encounter when first starting out turning pens? Was it 1 or more issues before you finally conquered the art ... :nooidea:

The issue i had the most was under cutting the diameters for the accents to fit, the more i tried to concentrate on this the more i slipped up. I finally beat this by using a small Spindle Gouge and working up from the bushings ... :bwink:

31-10-11, 22:38
One issue i used to encounter quite a lot was out of round pens, my mandrel was bent so I bought a new one, but i still ran into the out of round .. So i read somewhere that this issue can occur if the nut on the mandrel is tightened to tight, so i focused on this but to no avail i was still having the same problem. I finally found that my problem was that the tubed blanks were not square to the tube .. Hey presto, never see the issue now .. :bwink: