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02-03-17, 23:26
Well we've bit the bullet & joined the sellers forum!

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be launching/expanding our range of newly designed Addition Cured "Less-Resin" moulds to cover the full range of UK Penkits and the more popular Penkits from overseas.

We were planning on offering both Condensation and Addition cured "Less-Resin" Moulds, but we have decided to drop the Condensation Cured Moulds from our Less-Resin range as most resin manufacturers advice that nearly all of the clear resins that are used in these Resin Saver style moulds, are NOT suitable/recommended for use with Condensation Cured Silicone moulds as they can inhibit the cure. They recommend Addition Cured Silicone moulds are used instead.

Click here for more information on Condensation Vs Addition cured silicone (http://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/silicone-moulds)

We have disabled the purchase options on our website until we can update the site next week with our new moulds.

We are glad to see that as a result of us highlighting the issues with Condensation cured silicone a few weeks ago others are already starting to follow suit and are now starting to offer Addition cured moulds. But don't forget, you heard the information here first and up until this point no other manufacturers offered Addition cured moulds, we were the first.

We are going away in the morning for a much needed weekend break with the family, so won't be very active for a few days.

Regards Paul & Jackie

A couple of our old "Less-Resin" moulds

Block moulds

The new "Less-Resin" logo

03-03-17, 00:44
Yippee thats good going, all the best Paul.


07-03-17, 14:43
Well done mate and good luck!:thumbs::thumbs:

08-03-17, 07:26
Well done and good luck Paul.:thumbs:

11-03-17, 14:50
Thanks guys

The website should be updated later tomorrow with our new "Less-Resin" moulds complete with Logo, at present we have 6 different Less-Resin moulds, with another two in the pipeline over the next couple of days, we have also decided to stick with offering the Condensation cure moulds in the Less-Resin range as well as the block moulds.

We'll keep you updated with new moulds over the coming weeks, but in the meantime if there's anything in particular you are after please get in touch, via private message or our Website.

Paul & Jackie

13-03-17, 00:26
Website has been updated as promised with the new design of Less-Resin moulds along with our two latest moulds
LR05 - For the TM Alpha & Sigma, also suitable for the Triton & other kits with similar sized tubes
LR06 - For the TM Delta, also suitable for the American Flattop, 8mm Roundtop & Elegant American & other kits with similar sized tubes
By the end of this week we will also have LR07 - Epsilon and LR08 - Zeta available which can be preordered now.