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Vic Perrin
30-04-17, 14:37
Hi all I am a bit early posting this weeks pen but I am out in the morning.

Bob Ellis has chosen one of the Mistrals made by Freck Fraser dressed in a Pine Cone Hybrid Blank. Bob said "A beautiful George Watkins blank has been paired tastefully with a gold Mistral so that the colours of the kit and blank complement each other nicely. The pen has been well turned so that the lines flow gracefully and the finish is smooth and lustrous".

Here is the link to Freck's original post - http://www.penturners.co.uk/acrylic-turned-items/19754-pair-hybrid-mistral-ballpoints.html?highlight=hybrid+mistral Bob pointed out that it was the "His" pen not the Pink one he has chosen !

Paul hd
30-04-17, 17:08
Amazing looking pen.

30-04-17, 17:16
Yeah a good choice

30-04-17, 19:02
Beautiful Pen, well done & congratulations Freck

DJB Penmaker
30-04-17, 21:48
Well deserved

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30-04-17, 21:53
A pen of distinction.


30-04-17, 22:15
A well deserved winner.:thumbs:

Freck Fraser
01-05-17, 07:14
Many thanks to Bob for choosing my pen for "Pen of the Week", thanks to all for the kind comments too.

Bill Mooney
01-05-17, 09:02
A good choice. Well done Freck.:thumbs:

01-05-17, 09:17
Well done ,Freck that's a mighty beautiful pen. A real winner. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

01-05-17, 10:18
Very beautiful pen Freck, let's hope you get a full week not like poor old Bob. :funny:

01-05-17, 10:39
One stunning pen.:thumbs:

01-05-17, 10:48
Damm that's so good:thumbs:

01-05-17, 20:37
Deserving winner Freck :drool: