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10-05-17, 17:10
Well i dont think we have had one for a while....
But following on from what Jim said and some very nice comments i had for my bullet pen...
How about a competition, on something that dosen't resemble a kit pen? :funny:
It just needs some 'blue sky' thinking or 'out of the box' thinking....
Not too difficult....any interest??

10-05-17, 17:49
Great idea:thumbs:

There was one a few years ago, but I think most were kits. http://www.penturners.co.uk/penturners-competition-forum/2167-octobers-competition-entries.html


10-05-17, 18:47
I don't think it has to be bullet related....just something a bit different to a std kit....stop end turned.....clip less....brass/ali...and open to all abillity

10-05-17, 20:11
If we can use kit parts as a basis, it might provide a bit of a challenge for those of us new to turning to get our teeth into :thumbs:

10-05-17, 20:58
Needs plenty of lead time.


10-05-17, 22:02
Sounds like a great idea - especially as maybe variants out from a kit or part kit based pen?

10-05-17, 22:04
A good idea - get the creative ideas going

Phil Dart
11-05-17, 06:51
If you want to put a little flesh on the bones Mark, we can easily make a competition happen along those lines.

Feel free to chip in anyone.

11-05-17, 08:59
If you want to put a little flesh on the bones Mark,

You calling me skinny.:noway1:

Mark suggest the comp let him chose the theme.

Bill Mooney
11-05-17, 09:05
A good idea Mark.:thumbs:

05-07-17, 17:11
Needs plenty of lead time.


Would that make it a pencil? :face: "lead"

Sorry Kevin

05-07-17, 18:00
Right i really must put some meat on the bones of this idea!!
How about 4 weeks to design and build a kit pen.....but it must not resemble the original kit? And no fat slimlines!!
A stopped end turned pen, a change of shape or selfmade center band/accents....
How does that sound to people???:thinks:

06-07-17, 00:11
Noted the predudice against Slims, I have oodles of others as well, like the challenge.


06-07-17, 07:48
Being it on, I plan to get in to the shed this week end.:thumbs: