View Full Version : Squaring blank ends

22-01-13, 19:33
One of my problems when making pens is that i don't seem to be able to keep the ends of the barrel square, even thou i use a barrel trimmer. The blanks look square when i trim them but when i come to put the pen together i have a gap between the 2 barrels? :goesred:

Oh, how i wish i was perfect. :devil:

The Wood Bucket
23-01-13, 13:03
Can you post some close up photos of the ends and also with the pen assembled. Also is your mandrel bent? I know the barrel trimmers are not perfect, but maybe there is something else happening here. :thinks:

23-01-13, 19:35
I sure will mate, as soon as i get one with the issue :bwink:

25-01-13, 06:52
Yep, you should be true with a trimmer Tony...

You can alter some imperfections by rubbing on a flat sheet of wet and dry..

25-01-13, 21:39
It may be a good idea to make sure that you have no glue or any other crap on the edge of the barrel Tony, or if you do to much trimming with the trimmer you may have the barrel proud of your barrel? :thinks: