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29-12-17, 10:17
Anyone got a load of different pen bushes that are duplicates the want to get rid of? I am starting out and this would be useful. For a reasonable sum of course.

Terry Q
29-12-17, 13:12
Kevin you would be better off buying new bushes when you order kits. In my case the "extras" are aged and undersized.

29-12-17, 14:38
You would be better off just buying the bushes when you order pen kits, as & when you need them.

29-12-17, 19:48
Yesterday I made my most recent pen with a funny (not really) tube size so I made two neat fit bushes on my metal lathe,if you do not have this backup you can still make your own on your wood lathe, especially if its seldom used sizing. Indeed to enable complete finishing and using CA etc for finishing I cut back the shoulders of bushes to allow turning at the ends without catching the bushes on the chisels, or worse glueing them to the blank. Let your Calipers be your best friend or turn between centres and eliminate the need.


30-12-17, 09:15
What Terry said, other wise you could end up with overturned blanks.:vangry: