View Full Version : ally shock Absorber

16-01-19, 14:01
Found this in my draw and some aluminium tube that just fits the brass tube only needed polishing
Will be giving the pen to my friend who is a mechanic and gets my motor through its MOT

16-01-19, 19:28
That’s very novel Barry, I like it. :thumbs::thumbs:

Phil Dart
16-01-19, 19:37
I love it when fate plays a hand. Bits you've forgotten you own, that fit together like a dream? Excellent!

16-01-19, 20:01
I found one a while back this kit has so much promise,the ultra short biro is a bummer. However what you achieved should give a lift to your mate. Liked the idea.


16-01-19, 20:49
Cool and looks good.

Best keep mechanics in a good mood especially around MOT time..

Vic Perrin
16-01-19, 21:12
your mechanic should love that :thumbs:

17-01-19, 06:18
Very nice pen Barry.:thumbs::thumbs:

17-01-19, 13:42
Always struggled to put a nice blank on them.....might have to nick that idea!......very nice idea!:thumbs::thumbs: