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alan morrison
26-02-19, 09:46
Have just turned my first 40 pens and have joined up to learn from you guys

Cumbrian Craig
26-02-19, 09:49
Your off to a good start. Welcome and best of luck with your future projects:thumbs:

26-02-19, 10:55
Welcome from me over here to you in Ireland Alan all the best mate.


26-02-19, 12:51
Hello and welcome to the madhouse Alan, that's a lot of pens this morning. Lol.

Phil Dart
26-02-19, 15:42
Hi Alan - welcome to the forum.

40 pens ? My word. That almost makes you a veteran. Just make one more post and you'll be able top upload your piccies too.

alan morrison
26-02-19, 19:58
Your off to a good start. Welcome and best of luck with your future projects:thumbs:

Thanks for the welcome Craig

alan morrison
26-02-19, 20:01
Hello again Peter
I replied to your text at the international penturners website. I'm the fellow who lived in Orange NSW for 12 years.
Just found this place and joined as it is closer to home.

alan morrison
26-02-19, 20:14
Hello John. Only laminating some blanks today while waiting for the next lot of pen kits to arrive.
Thanks for the welcome

Bill Mooney
26-02-19, 22:14
Welcome to the group.:thumbs:

27-02-19, 06:27
G'Day Alan,
Welcome to the forum from the really really warm centre of Australia.:thumbs::thumbs:

27-02-19, 22:17
Welcome Alan, good to have another namesake. Loads of good stuff on here but with 40 pens under your belt you will already have a good idea.

Terry Q
28-02-19, 01:32
Hi Alan. Welcome to the group.

alan morrison
28-02-19, 08:41
Thanks Allen I'm finding pen turning a somewhat addictive past-time but thoroughly absorbing, done some laminated pens and now just starting segmenting ( at least at the thinking about it stage)
I spell my name with just one L as I am one L of a fella

28-02-19, 21:58
Welcome to the forum Alan

02-03-19, 10:30
Welcome to the nuthouse :D