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Phil Dart
12-06-19, 08:19
Pen of the Week 32

A day late this week - sorry, I was tied up all day yesterday. (Voting will end this week on Saturday, not Friday, to make up the lost day)

Voting is simple - just choose your favourite pen from all those below. They were all posted on the Forum sometime during the last week (any posted since Sunday will be in the next vote). Once you've decided, make your choice in the poll at the top of this page, then click the "vote" button. That's it. Please don't vote for your own pen though, as it's not very sporting.

(You only get one vote, and you can't change it once it's done, so please make make sure you correctly click the one you want).

Voting will automatically close at this time on Saturday morning, and we'll have our winner - which will get posted in a separate thread in the normal way and will also feature on the Forum's front cover until the next winner.

Good luck everybody.

Phil Dart
12-06-19, 08:20
Brazilian Tulipwood----- Dalbergia decipularis

A few today (1)

A few today (2)

Coconut Mistral