View Full Version : The George Wilson Platter Temporary Home (2013)

13-11-13, 23:42
I thought I would post a picture of the George Wilson Platter which is now set up in its temporary pride of place. I had to use the flash to highlight the name inscribed.
I made a platter holder for it, you cant see much of it but that was the idea.

I would like to thank both Woody and David for their excellent work in producing this platter. :bravo::bravo: It is better in real life...

Thanks :thumbs::thumbs:

13-11-13, 23:50
It is well deserved Rowdy and looks good on the stand well done mate and enjoy your year of being the winner are you going to add a shield with your name engraved on it

14-11-13, 00:15
Looks great Rowdy, i like how you have placed the Sub and Pen in front of it, as a whole you done a great job with the photo ... :thumbs:

Excellent work Woody and David, a picture can't show off what the actual piece looks like .. Well done and a big thanks ... :bwink:

14-11-13, 00:40
A fine trophy indeed .....Congratulations on being the first one to display it, mate.:claps:

14-11-13, 06:43
Well done, its really deserved and looks nicely presented with the stand you have made.:love_it:

One day I would like to hold and see the platter in its flesh..:thumbs:

14-11-13, 06:58
Brilliant Rowdy, very fitting :claps::claps:

14-11-13, 07:18
Very nicely displayed young Rowdy, I am trying to think what George would say if here were here to see it?
Probably only something like "what a load of tripe, a big fuss about a bloke who never done no good nohow".
Or "a prize for the best caption about Mrs Rowdy's toy in the foreground".

14-11-13, 07:56
Woody, David well made fellas congratulations Rowdy very fitting tribute to hard work all round thanks for showing and enjoy the year mate.

Kind regards Peter.:rolling:

14-11-13, 08:02
Well it looks good I have been luck to see it in real life a it fantabydobe

14-11-13, 08:35
That looks brilliant, Rowdy! Well deserved ... If anyone has some 1 to 2mm brass plate to send me I'll do some name engraved shields for it.

14-11-13, 09:06
Looks rather impressive don't it, nice one Rowdy

14-11-13, 11:37
Well done rowdy looks great on its stand,bet its in pride of place in your home. Thanks for showing

14-11-13, 14:15
That looks brilliant as a commemorative plaque. I have no idea who George Wilson is, but you have done him proud.