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28-11-13, 21:04
I was given a couple of offcuts of corian and this is my first pen attempt.
I found it quite pleasant to turn and was careful when drilling so as not to overheat.
Finished with wet & dry 2400 with T cut (it was all I had)

I now have some more pieces so will try other configurations

Thanks for looking


28-11-13, 21:07
Why is it so loooooooong and thiiiiiiiiiiiin? Any photo geniuses about to sort this one for us?

28-11-13, 21:16
Difficult to see on the picture, but first impressions look good.. Well done..

28-11-13, 21:17
Well done Fred that is one mighty fine pen bloody well done you the only thing I would change is your back ground white is best it shows the pen off better

28-11-13, 21:23
Hi All

Many thanks for the posts
Is there anywhere that I can get pointers on photo presentation?



28-11-13, 21:40
That is a very nice pen Fred, i also like to work with Corian, it really does make some very nice pens especially when segmented ... :wink:

Is there anywhere that I can get pointers on photo presentation?

There are some good pointers on this already in the forum Fred, try the search system using Photography or similar, sorry i don't have the links for you ... :goesred:

28-11-13, 22:07
Woody has already spoken my exact words. please refer to his comments for my views.

28-11-13, 22:13
Nice one Jim, although I'm not a lover of Corian .....had a bad experience with some the other week and gave all that I had left to one of the members on here

28-11-13, 22:14
Why is it so loooooooong and thiiiiiiiiiiiin? Any photo geniuses about to sort this one for us?

Might be an optical illusion David due to Jim's background that he used. 'You are going to sleep' said slowly ,deeply and meaningful .

28-11-13, 22:15
looks good

28-11-13, 22:27
Corian is quite demanding on getting the hole just right but is quite gratifying if you get it right making easy to create a good looking pen. And you've done just that.

But its not wood.:funny:

29-11-13, 09:54
Nice work, Fred - here's to the next one!!!


29-11-13, 10:17
Nice one Fred.

Turn the pen sideways when taking the photo (will get rid of the long & thin illusion), on a plain background looks less distracting but nowt wrong with having a background as long as it don't compete with the pen, hope this helps

29-11-13, 12:08

Regard Corian as quite an adventure I believe you have chosen well with that particular pattern on it. An experiment for you I believe there is a certain magic in white Corian using your same design without saing anything hand over a pen in white even more waist shaped do not comment the average woman I have observed almost caress the pen (by the way).

Pics of pens IMHO on this site are easier to reduce on a rest one end as a horizontal, I use a program that makes it easy as to reduce to suit the forum it is free from Google and is called Picassa 3 makes a great album as well.

Experiment with backgrounds and positions go for a simple open box strong enough to support an overhead light easily put away, set up, create an endless background try white and curve not fold from the flat section I use tape to hold it up at the back, or as Ed says confused? you soon will be. If it helps look up my posts where I describe such a system probably more than once.

Like your pen you made it well looks great.

Kind regards Peter.:goesred:

29-11-13, 14:24
Hi All

Thanks for all the comments and I take them all on board.
I find this forum an exciting place to learn from those who already have the skills and experience.