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13-12-13, 07:58
Xmas BarBQ tomorrow out of town at my Mate Jims place.

Sometimes I think Jim runs the treat as a way of getting the huge workshop cleaned up annually. Huge amount of dust removed and blown out weather perfect 28 degrees celcius.

Over in Perth at the Test Cricket its in the 40,s rather them than me.

Jim has been Professional in Wood Turning since 1999 from being a sheep farmer quite a change but man its no picnic for him. One thing he observed to me today he no longer makes pens as part of his living, his observation is that its like the Car manufacturing business too many models, accessories too much choice for the punters. So many fiddly bits to store maintain and find.

Grateful for Jim he shows a group of us in congenial surroundings techniques, methods and speed of operation those items selling at that time, he sells wholesale to galleries from a wide area from here. His philosophy tempers most of us from rushing into commerce rather to enjoy woodworking as a hobby.

Compliments of the season to everyone its right on that time of the year to look back in retrospect.

General Motors Holden are leaving Australia next year other motor makers are as well a trend and sign of the times, Canada pays more than a dollar for each envelope and in the near future will cease door to door deliveries. Always found dealings with Canada entirely expensive and doubtful deliveries either way in and out that country.

Trust the season is kind to all forum members their families and friends.

Kind regards Peter.:goesred:

13-12-13, 09:48
I hope you have a lovely Christmas Peter. It doesn't seem right being warm at Christmas and the colder the better for me. I once went to Lapland and it was -32 on one day. Perhaps that's a bit too cold but it felt like Christmas.

It sounds like you have a good crowd of people to share your Xmas BB with and I'm sure the amber nectar will be free flowing. Have a great time Peter and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff and hearing from you in the future.

No cricket mentioned.

Best Regards

13-12-13, 09:50
Thanks, Peter! All the best to you and yours, mate!!!

And please, please, don't mention the cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13-12-13, 10:31
Just managed to get out to the chemist and get the last tube of sun block, the reflections of the sun off the lathe bed were getting to me. The chiller in the shed has broken, I cant stand warm coke. Hayfever has become endemic in the Hertfordshire area must be due to the heat wave.

Oh yeah, cant imagine Christmas without the cold damp weather. Got an idea, lets skip Christmas! Thanks Peter, you really cheered us up.

13-12-13, 10:32
Peter. Here's wishing you and yours a a wonderful Xmas and hope that the new year brings Health, Wealth and Happiness to you all.

Ed & Sue (Mrs Ed).

13-12-13, 13:10
Peter have a wonderful Christmas in the warm climate of Aussie!!!!!!!:thumbs:

13-12-13, 15:14
have a good un Peter & thanks for reminding us once again of the differences in our weather!!!

Mind you, can't imagine Christmas without snow, even if it doesn't arrive until June!!! :face::face::face:

13-12-13, 19:33
Have a very nice and wonderful Christmas Peter, now for some reason a BBQ and Xmas just doesn't seem right lol .... :thumbs:

13-12-13, 21:47
Sounds good to me Peter, I wouldn't mind some sunshine this time of year though perhaps I'll wait till the cricket team isn't touring before I venture to your shores :goesred:

Have a great Christmas.

13-12-13, 22:11
My little sister has just had her 50th birthday at the Ice hotel in Sweden, slept on a bed of ice at minus 5 inside, minus 27 outside.
I know where I would rather be, Got a spare stubby cooler there Peter?
I'll bring the VB init?

Oh just a quick footnote.
This Australian advert was banned in UK I dunno why dyu?
Banned Australian Condom Commercial (http://vitaminl.tv/video/1542?ref=rcmm)

13-12-13, 23:54
Have a great BarBee Peter
And a ripper of a Christmas:thumbs:

14-12-13, 08:50
Have a great Christmas Peter. I have done a few bar b's on new year eve, but that has usually been on the back drop or anything from 5 to -10 deg.. Makes cooking the burgers interesting tho..:rolling:

17-01-14, 21:28
Total fire bans most everywhere including BBQ,s fires all round Victoria with overall records in the 40,s today around 40C again guess its cyclical, hot, dry wet whatever but it can devastate a country.