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28-02-13, 22:21
I have picked up a website of professional turner George Watkins which has a video about finishing which might be beneficial to members on this forum. The website is George Alan Watkins (http://www.fromthetree.co.uk) and if you look in the shop section you'll come across the video. The video is not to buy it is to view. Also he buys his finishing products from Polishing Kits | Polishing Mops | Polishing Shop | Polishing Kit (http://www.thepolishingshop.co.uk).

Hope this is of interest to forum members.


28-02-13, 22:33
Two useful links here Terry, the finishing products site is very useful to know and one i am sure that i will be using in the near future .... :thumbs:

01-03-13, 06:55
I talk to George quite regularly, as I buy a lot of resin stabilised blanks from him.. Nice, helpful guy....
Always communicative....