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10-03-13, 14:28
I thought it might be valuable to share some tips and tricks with each other about pen photography. I'll get the ball rolling:

I found a thread on the internet recently about making a cheap lightbox. I think you'll get all you need from the pics as I can't seem to find the link I followed! It works brilliantly and cost very little (biggest expense was a pad of A3 tracing paper for the translucent panels on the box sides). As you see I just use a couiple desk lamps for the extra lighting and I have a very old Canon EOS 300D with an 18-55 lens, I shoot on macro setting.





10-03-13, 14:33
Thats a smart ide mate, i was looking on ebay a few weeks ago for photo tents, i think the cheapest was about 50. Thanks for sharing. :thumbs:

10-03-13, 15:28
i have a photo tent, but havent got it set up at the moment
best way i think....

10-03-13, 19:00
I got a tent some time ago, but all what is left are the lamps, i haven't a clue where the rest is? It came in something akin to a briefcase, so i would have thought this couldn't get lost ... :whistling:

Great tutorial David, and one that could help members without doubt ... :thumbs:

06-05-13, 12:04
Just found this old post by using the search function, brilliant, thanks.

06-05-13, 12:41
Studio 120cm 48" Day light Softbox soft Light TENT Cube + 4 Colour Backdrops | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Studio-120cm-48-Day-light-Softbox-soft-Light-TENT-Cube-4-Colour-Backdrops-/140969159758?pt=UK_Photography_Shooting_Tables_Lig ht_Tents&hash=item20d26aac4e)
Looks cheap enough to me.

06-05-13, 15:46
Something I'll have to look at as I have been getting rubbish photos of my pens!!!:thinks::thinks:

06-05-13, 19:45
I have a tent, just need to dig it out. The problem is i can't be arsed doing it as i always take the pictures when i have finished for the day... :rolling:

07-05-13, 05:16
I bought a tent a while ago only used it a couple times. Also got some 5500k lights I found it still need at lest 4 light to get a good photo.