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27-01-14, 17:53
Hi everyone, just to introduce myself here and ask for your help.

Basically I'd like any advice on starting out in pen turning on a tight budget (around 200 incl all bits required etc).
I'm a total novice and recovering from a long illness so just want to start this great and fascinating looking hobby
for an hour or so a day to get me moving and using my brain. I only have an interest in turning pens and nothing else
so please advise just for pens.

I've done a bit of research etc online but problem is I can't stay on pc for hours as my brain function is limited. I'm improving slowly - but this is why I'd like some real help in getting going. I know for sure I only want to turn pens as I do other bits and
pieces of craft so I'm sure I won't want to start doing great big jobs as soon as I invest in a mini lathe!!:-))

Any advice greatly appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read this.

27-01-14, 17:57
Welcome from the youngest top dog

27-01-14, 18:07
Hi and welcome keep an eye on ebay for a cheap lathe and tools pen liys are on there also start with slimlines they are very versatile.

27-01-14, 18:11
Hi and welcome Kaymania that is a small budget but also a challenge so lets see if we can get you started obviously with that budget we need to find you a good second-hand lathe so I can guarantee you some of the guys on here will start looking for you once that is sorted we will need to find a mandrel to fit the lathe be it 1 or 2mt pen kits you can start whenever you like to stock up the best place is timber bits and with the slimline pen kit the reason I say slimline is they will give you some good practice and they are quite cheep so if you mess up it wont break the bank then chisels all you will need to start with are a roughing gouge or a continental spindle gouge and a skew chisel so I for one will be on the look out for you
Regards Woody

27-01-14, 18:21
Hi & welcome :waver:

Ebay's your friend with regard a cheap second hand lathe, this one looks to be a beaut & is in your neck of the woods. axminster Wood Lathe | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/axminster-Wood-Lathe-/291064633580?pt=UK_BOI_Building_Materials_Supplies _Carpentry_Woodwork_ET&hash=item43c4cdd8ec)

But even if that goes above your budget they are always coming up, best of luck :thumbs:

27-01-14, 18:30
Welcome to the forum, you are sure to get some great offers of help on here :winking: keep us posted with your progress so we know what to look out for you :ciggrin:

27-01-14, 19:02
Welcome mate, good luck with the search and the recovery


27-01-14, 19:08
Hi kaymania and welcome...... You will need a lathe (obviously) a couple of chisels, a pen mandrel, a drill, some pen kits and wooden pen blanks and basically that's it. Slimline pen kits are the cheapest to buy but I don't think that they are the easiest pens to make. If you can master them then the rest of the kits will come easy to you. Best thing is to go on to You Tube and look at some techniques on turning pen blanks (loads of videos on there) .Meanwhile the guys on here will shout you when there is suitable equipment coming up for sale to start you off.:thumbs:.

27-01-14, 19:08
Welcome aboard Kaymania. You have already been given some good advice from Woody and Doug and I'm sure most members will on the look out for some deals for you !!!:thumbs:

27-01-14, 19:14
Welcome on board, you've picked the right forum. Enjoy..
I do...:thumbs:

You will get plenty of advice, as you have already started to get.

27-01-14, 19:15
Welcome Kaymania, The lathe that Doug mentioned would be great if you could get that for under 150. You would then need a few chisels to get you going and some finishing products, oh and some wood which can be sorted when you've got the other bits. 200 will be tight but not impossible.

27-01-14, 19:17
I see you profile say you are in London were about in London as i am just outside London

27-01-14, 19:26
I have a continental gouge that you're welcome to have.

Pm your address and I'll put it in the post for you.

It was free to me ( thx Brian) so I'm happy to pass it on.

Oh and welcome to the best darned forum for anything anywhere.

27-01-14, 19:45
Welcome from over here Find out if you can buy predrilled blanks for Slimlines a straight forward kit, look at the processes and visit a Wood turning group in your area where help abounds.

Kind regards Peter.

27-01-14, 20:08
Been on Ebay and this has came up. Might be worth watching it as its still got 3 days to run...
axminster Wood Lathe | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/axminster-Wood-Lathe-/291064633580?pt=UK_BOI_Building_Materials_Supplies _Carpentry_Woodwork_ET&hash=item43c4cdd8ec)
Happy Hunting...:thumbs:

27-01-14, 20:15
A BIG thanks to everyone who's responded already, that was really quick!! Thank you Woody for your kind words and Doug/rowdyyates115 I've set my ebay to watch that lathe!

Bellringer, I'm actually in Croydon, near Coulsdon.

PhillH thanks so much for the offer of the cont, gouge - no idea how to PM? Sorry, I'm so new to this forum thing so please bear with me and let me know how, thanks!

Thanks everyone! I will keep you posted with my progress.

27-01-14, 20:20
well i am about 20/25 min up the road near tadworth So could give you a little help to get started if you needed and give you some blanks if you wanted

27-01-14, 20:29
Welcome to the forums Kaymania and i wish you all the best in your fight to get your health back ..

As the lads say, Ebay is your friend for a cheap but good lathe, if you do see something you like then make a post in here if you need some help, the guys will respond for sure .. :thumbs:

27-01-14, 20:34
Thanks Jim, will definitely keep everyone posted

27-01-14, 20:36
That's very kind of you! Could definitely do with a little help - will keep you posted how I'm getting on sourcing what I need, thanks

27-01-14, 20:37
That was meant to be thanks bellringer! Will keep you posted how I'm getting on and get back to you.

27-01-14, 20:37
Welcome Kaymania,

As you've already been given some sound advice and links to a lathe all I would add is that keep coming back here, you'll receive some excellent support & advice.
We're all just normal people (OK, some are nuttier than others but hey ho) keep us informed as to how you're getting on and we look forward to seeing your first pens

27-01-14, 20:38
That was meant to be thanks bellringer! Will keep you posted how I'm getting on and get back to you.

I sent you a pm

27-01-14, 20:41
Well you have certainly got allot of advice there.. If you want any blanks then once you get sorted with the pm thing let me know your address and I will send you some through the post..

Anything to help you get started..

But sounds like Alex is a good bet to get you started..:thumbs:

27-01-14, 20:48
Hi bellringer, yes I replied to that, thanks

27-01-14, 20:48
Thank you Silver, will keep you posted

27-01-14, 21:10
let us know what lathe you end up with, some of us may have bits n pieces we don't use anymore that will help you get started.

28-01-14, 07:13
Welcome to the forum Kaymania! :waver:

28-01-14, 11:24
Thank you Naxie