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09-02-14, 20:20
Emperor in glacier white. finished with the usual micromesh grits and polished.

Commissioned pen, what a bugger to do and make sure there was no imperfections or little spots on the white.:sob:

What do you think of pure white pen?

Posted in different colour backgrounds, my favorite is the blue one.. let me know if you think the others are better.

CC appreciated..:thumbs:

09-02-14, 20:26
I agree with the blue background on this pen or is it that is a better focus too.
Nice pen for someone there Eamonn.

09-02-14, 20:27
Yes that's alwhite love it Eamonn great looker that mate blue for me

09-02-14, 20:28
That really is a corker Eamonn, top work mate :thumbs::thumbs:

For no particular reason I like the magnolia coloured background :nooidea:

09-02-14, 20:33
That is gorgeous Eamonn. I've gotta do one for my Nephews wedding on the 8th March. I've got the corian from Jim and I've to 2 Roman Harvest kits from TB but just need to do it. If mine looks nearly as good as that I'll be happy.

09-02-14, 20:39
Virginal that one Eamonn. A lovely pen indeed !!!!!:thumbs:

09-02-14, 20:39
Thanks Paul.

This is a roller ball pen, I have a fountain pen to do as well.

I see what you mean Grump, top edges are out of focus..:sob:

09-02-14, 21:44
Dapper Eamonn, looks very clean indeed, the blue is also my choice for the picture as it looks much more crisp Eamonn .. :thumbs:

09-02-14, 21:47
That is fabulous !

The blue for me, shows the pen off well.

Smokey Bacon
09-02-14, 21:54
I doff my cap to you, I'd need sunglasses to have done that one.:thumbs:
I prefer the blue background it's crisper.

10-02-14, 02:12
Virginal that one Eamonn. A lovely pen indeed !!!!!:thumbs:

Not many left these days.


10-02-14, 02:14
Love the pen Eamonn on the blue good to see you having a go.


10-02-14, 11:49
Tis a rather nice, clean looking pen that, lovely