View Full Version : Is it just me being fick

30-03-14, 06:16
Looked at all the competition pens, and boy are they good!

Read the sticky about Nominating!

When I am in the post I can't see the Nomination button, just the normal like etc.

Please help!

30-03-14, 08:48
You only have one nomination when you have clicked on that it disappears init?

30-03-14, 09:09
Hi Grump, as far as I know I haven't hit anything with "nominate" on it, but who knows it is Sunday, brain disengage day! :whistling:

30-03-14, 10:06
It's easy done I nominated the nominations page while changing battery in my mouse.
Unless of course you're looking at the wrong page init?

30-03-14, 10:29
How it works is that i am only permitted to put in a closing date, and as i put in 30th March it has closed the contest on this day .. There are no time choices available just dates, but in all future comps i will put a closing date a day late ... :bwink: