View Full Version : Home of Wood Open Day

Vic Perrin
19-05-14, 21:27
Hi All,
To clear up a few myths about Home of Wood open day I rang Paul with regards to what they have on offer.

His reply was basically that they themselves are Woodturners and the idea of the open day was to put on offer timber to fellow Woodturners at a reasonable price.

20 kg bulk buys of blanks will be available for 45 - 50.

2" - 3" - 4" boards will be available at prices that Woodturners can afford.

3/4" & 1" boards will be available at really cheap prices.

Spindles of all sizes will be available.

Vast amount of boards suitable for furniture making or cutting your own blanks.

They also have some very large blanks and some apple blanks that are more than likely the biggest available in the country.

A Big Bargain Bin of Blanks starting at 20p a go.

As I have previously stated I have no connection whatsoever with this company other than being a very very satisfied customer.

My only reason for posting about this company is that like most of you, finding a supplier of quality timber at prices that are not out of the window have been hard to find. I personally have sourced timber from suppliers all over the Country and have in the past paid some stupid prices, but fair enough for some decent timber. At Home of Wood I have found a supplier that supplies quality timber at a fair price bit most importantly cares about the service that they provide.