View Full Version : Two with Jim's style centre band

03-06-14, 10:55
Just had a go at Jim's style of centre band, not sure I've made a great job of them but you can all be the judge of that. These both have a corian band sanded to 600 then McGuire's scratch remover.


Apologies for the photo quality, I don't have a light box yet.

03-06-14, 11:01
Very nice pair of pens Ray. When I make them I just turn the bottom of the top half in slightly so that you don't have a gap between the two parts.

03-06-14, 11:20
You've certainly been busy Ray. Both nice but the top one is my favourite :thumbs:

03-06-14, 11:25
Yes Paul, you're right, I'm not happy with them but I'll try turning the band in a bit. I also have a problem with my mill set. You have to be so careful not to go too far or it leaves some of the brass tube exposed which happened today. I have to sand it down flush again. I'm trying to design a jig to go on the lathe with a disc sander in the head stock to sand the ends rather than use the mill.

03-06-14, 13:44
Fair play ray! Both are great first efforts at someone else's style mate. Good advice from Paul on the join too. But all in all, they're both tidy pens:wink: :thumbs:

03-06-14, 15:32
Couple of nice ones there, i do like the first one best, But as said both are nice!:thumbs:

03-06-14, 16:00
Not a bad effort Ray and you're learning all the time. You know what they say, 'practice makes you better'.

03-06-14, 16:10
Damn good effort Ray, my only advice would be to square off the ends once you have turned the pen to shape and before adding your finish .. I will post a picture later tonight on how i do it if it helps .. :winking:

03-06-14, 16:20
Thanks for all your comments and yes Jim, any tips to improve are always good

03-06-14, 16:20
Good effort :thumbs:
I can see a lot of Jim styles pens on here in the near future :funny:

03-06-14, 17:08
Good effort :thumbs:
I can see a lot of Jim styles pens on here in the near future :funny:

Yes it seemed to strike a chord with several of us. I was surprised I'd asked a question that several others were also thinking :eek:

I have to say that, while it was fairly easy, there are a few things that are crucial to get right or it looks naf.

The material that has to be removed to make way for the c/b it is crucial to make sure that you get the parting tool at right angles to the barrel or possibly undercut ever so slightly or the c/b won't sit right when you put it on. I had to put them back on the mandrel to get this right.

it's pretty crucial to get the shape right where the two barrels will join , something I didn't do very well I don't think. But it's all a learning curve and I bet Jim's been doing these for a while :o

03-06-14, 18:00
Another thing to think about is the length. With a cb the pen is longer than just the 2 tubes. Sometimes I also make the top blank or the bottom blank, depending on how I feel longer so that its the correct length