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21-04-13, 19:31
Gents, i have added a mod that will allow us to run a nomination category, where we can nominate on certain things, such as a Thread, a post, our Avatars and so on. We can run this for a few weeks see how it pans out and after a while if we can get a few more members we can run it for serious competitions where prizes will be given for the winners ...
First we will run it as the best photo added to a post made, you will have only one chance to nominate who you believe to have added the best picture, so choose carefully and my tip is to wait and see, do not nominate on the 1st day as the competition will be run over a number of days before it closes ... How long the competition runs will be in each thread.

To Nominate ...

This can only be done in the selected Forum ..
At the bottom of each post you will see the "Nominate Link" (See Picture)


When you click on the link it will tell you what you can nominate on, this example is saying "Post" the name of the competition is titled "Test" you need to click on this title ..


Once you have done this you will see a pop up telling you that your nomination is complete ...


22-04-13, 07:23
What dose the pic have to be of

23-03-14, 21:33
Didn't read this before nominating :duh::duh::duh::duh:

01-12-16, 06:50
I'd like to vote but I don't see the Nominate button under the posts ???

Phil Dart
01-12-16, 07:17
I'd like to vote but I don't see the Nominate button under the posts ???
Voting will open in a few minutes Clement, as soon as I've set it up. Go to the competition entries again in a short while and you'll find the nominate buttons will have magically appeared.