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05-09-14, 20:42
SWMBO carried a secret from me for a month my instructions were to come back from the show wear good clothes and be ready at midday, all very mysterious.

Came time and a limo pulled into the driveway and away we went to an unknown destination turned out to be the Hyatt Hotel a pretty snoofy sort of place met by two footmen in plus fours escorted to a special dining room to a buffet lunch for two hours. The food was incredible, the variety unending. Our 2nd daughter in Queensland set this up for me and Wilma to enjoy. One of the four waiters kept on collecting the plates used and I asked him if it was alright to take a few pics he thought that was brilliant and took a couple of us.

Unbeknown to our daughter this Hotel was once the premier Hotel in Canberra when I arrived in Canberra in 1941 and as an Apprenticed Sparky in my 4th year for a year I worked on this complex rewiring from end to end so it had great significance for me. It used to house Parliamentarians just up the road in this our nations Capital where Parliament House was located also as a Photographer I had many many weddings to cover over a real lot of years there. Very exclusive.

Anyway a few pics from this my 80th birthday that is today. As they say you only turn 80 once.

Kind regards Peter.:thumbs:

05-09-14, 20:54
That`s really nice. Congrats on your 80th.:thumbs::thumbs:


05-09-14, 20:56
Thats really lovely Peter, hope you had a brilliant time

05-09-14, 21:01
Wow you couldn't have had a happier birthday, what a wonderful thoughtful gift.
That is some banquet done in true style, congratulations.

05-09-14, 21:04
What a fantastic surprise. I hope you had a great day :thumbs:

05-09-14, 23:02
Happy Birthday Peter, I can see you both had a great time and... What a place? :thumbs:

06-09-14, 06:20
Congrats on your birthday mate and thanks for showing the lovely pictures!:claps::claps:

06-09-14, 06:20
Wow! Looks like a fabulous surprise, and much fun had by all. :thumbs:

06-09-14, 07:37
I can taste that wonderful food from here .. :ciggrin: Congrats Peter, and thanks for sharing my friend .. :thumbs:

06-09-14, 10:50
Wonderful Peter, what a lovely looking place & congratulations on your 80th birthday.


06-09-14, 11:05
Congrats Peter and thanks for showing pics !!!:thumbs:

06-09-14, 20:10
Congratulations and Happy Birthday Peter, I see you had a great day, Sorry I missed you yesterday morning.

http://i511.photobucket.com/albums/s356/wm460/Cartoons/happy_birthday_new3.jpg (http://s511.photobucket.com/user/wm460/media/Cartoons/happy_birthday_new3.jpg.html)

06-09-14, 21:54
Many Happy returns Peter! 80? .....really ? No .... You can't be ! Congratulations on your special birthday ,the photos are amazing, what a lovely celebration .

Ps ( still not convinced your 80 though !)