View Full Version : How to Quote Muliple members in one Thread

12-05-13, 22:16
If you would like to quote what someone has posted when you are replying to a thread you need to click on where it says "Reply With Quote" at the bottom right of each post .(See Picture: Red Circle)


You can delete what you need to from the quote, but you must not delete anything where i have put the red oblong around.or the quote will not work...


If you would like to make multiple quotes from different members then you need to click the image circled Blue. You can click this a few times but when you come to the last member that you are quoting you then need to click on "Reply With Quote" all the selected quotes will now be placed in the text box ...

You can then reply to each member that you have quoted by writing underneath there quote ..

Hope this helps ..

Not sure then please post questions in this thread ... :thumbs: