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20-10-14, 21:35
After Don posted up his thread looking for a post that he had made gave me the idea of making this tutorial .. :bwink:

If you are wanting to search for a post that you know contains a certain word from a certain member here is a little tutorial to help you ..

Click on the "Go" tab at the top right of the page.


In my search i am looking for the word "Omega" posted by "Grump"


And here are the results of my search ..


If you just want to search for the word "Omega" with no interest by whom then just type this in the search box and click on "Go" ...

Hope this helps .. :thumbs:

20-10-14, 22:23
Thanks Jim, I knew there would be a simple way to do that. :thumbs:

20-10-14, 22:45
Thanks Jim. Very informative.