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28-05-13, 09:28
Around 2000 I made this pen on my design Pen Mill during a period of time when I was exploring Spark Plug shapes etc. Used a 72 toothed gear with a matching smaller one to provide indexing.
Combining African Ebony, White Corian, my Mill and Lathe. As I progressed it on the lathe a shaping appeared that when explored opened multi faceted turned faces reminiscent of ancient Mayan face expressions. stress at this time the pucker factor was extreme anyone familiar with the vagaries of true brittle Ebony examine the mini shapes both hexed and rounded two stressing processes at this size the body of the pen was tapered hexagon shaped this being a Slimline kit using Timberbits Streamline centre bands. thew body of the pen timber I forget and as I kept reducing the top plug base shape changed the proportions.

Kind regards Peter:thumbs:

28-05-13, 09:31
Very unusual Peter!!!

28-05-13, 09:52
Very well made and ingenious thinking Peter. :thumbs::thumbs:\
I like the face.

28-05-13, 11:44
Lovely intricate work!

28-05-13, 17:42
I admire your work young Peter very nice.

28-05-13, 19:39
Some effort had gone into this pen, well worth the accolades ... :thumbs:

28-05-13, 23:00
That is something special Peter. :bwink: