View Full Version : Car Boot Sale Booty!

02-06-13, 14:16
Not a bad morning at all today I managed to get a Nobex 202 pro mitre saw, a brand new virtex visor, a new pair of safety specs with x2 magnification, a moisture filter for the compressor and a set of carving chisels for the princely sum of 8.00. :thumbs:

Does anyone else like to have a rummage around car boot sales?

Has anyone picked up anything interesting? :thinks:

02-06-13, 14:43
That is certainly a good day Ed, I go to boot sales but I don' t have days like that. :rolling: I usually come home with some veg for the Sunday dinner. :whistling:

02-06-13, 15:00
Likewise I love a boot sale but don't have anywhere to store the goodies I could collect so I have to pass on many a bargain.

You sure did have a goodly day there Ed.

02-06-13, 15:59
I got a Lamy logo fountain pen for 1 retails at 30.50 I love boot sales.:thumbs:

02-06-13, 18:45
Many many years ago when the boot sales was in its early stages was when you could pick up many a good tool, i very rarely go to them now, its all to modern for me ... :rolling:

But Ed had a good day for sure. :thumbs:

02-06-13, 18:46
Got my radio that is in the shop for £1

02-06-13, 19:46
Here it is box and all,652

02-06-13, 19:55
Nice Bargain Frankie ... But why would someone want to sell a pen like this? :thinks:

02-06-13, 20:21
He had no idea and I was'nt telling:face:

04-06-13, 21:45
I dont go any more, Garage sales as they are called here, as nobody sell any good tools here just Chinese crap.:blah1: