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08-06-13, 20:33
Segmented corian pens, i prepared four of these pens this morning using different colours but using the same pattern ... These are finished using micro mesh and polished with some sample cream sent to me by member Pete B ..


I have used many of these creams and i am not just saying this, but this cream is the best i have ever used. You are just going to have to take my word on this, but i do hope he can get hold of this and start to sell it. I will safely put my name to it .. I don't even know what it is ... :thinks:


08-06-13, 21:12
They look nice mate. :thumbs:

08-06-13, 21:19
I particularly like the sparkly green ...

08-06-13, 22:23
http://i511.photobucket.com/albums/s356/wm460/Cartoons/iagree1-1.gif (http://s511.photobucket.com/user/wm460/media/Cartoons/iagree1-1.gif.html)

That is another couple of great pens Jim,great segmenting, All most green and Gold.:bwink:

09-06-13, 06:35
All most green and Gold.:bwink:

Springbok colours, right Mark? :bwink:

09-06-13, 09:20
I like them Jim, the top one reminds me of the revolving poles you see out side a sweet shop. :ciggrin:

09-06-13, 17:40
Here are the other twp pens, both are finished with the same method as the two above ..



08-07-13, 07:46
Nice one Jim x4

A few more hours in the shed?

08-07-13, 12:37

I venture to say sincerely that photographs of your Corian Pens are far more impressive in the hand than as published I have not ventured into the world of segmenting very far far to many projects awaiting but it does take a brilliant finish. Please try U Beaut triple E for your first polish it will amaze you it did and does me every time. Weather here is abysmal in the shed and will be for a while. Thanks for showing so much something I have been attempting to as well.

Kind regards Peter.

08-07-13, 15:10
Nice work Jim and typical of your style. You must have done these when I was on Holiday!!!!:thumbs:

08-07-13, 19:34
Please try U Beaut triple E for your first polish it will amaze you it did and does me every time.

Peter, i use EEE - Ultra Shine, but only on woods, i will give it a try on Corian, to see how it works .. :bwink:

You must have done these when I was on Holiday!!!!

Thought i would play while the cat was away Terry ... :ciggrin:

04-08-13, 14:48
Great work Jim, you certainly have been busy! :thumbs: