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16-01-15, 13:29
Just a quick intro. I started turning at Morley Grammar School back in the 70's, then took a forty year break, and came back to it about 3 years ago. Until yesterday I was a virgin pen turner now I have done three, all slimline, all in wood using no more than a roughing gouge, a skew and sandpaper to shape. Like most newbies you are always learning, which means I spend a lot of time looking and reading and little time doing, but when I get to create I just loose myself in time and then wonder where it all went, especially at this time of year.


I dont need a shed near my house, I need a workshop with a bed.

16-01-15, 13:57
Welcome to the forum John. If you life up near the Arctic what do you expect but snow????? its nice and sunny and I'm sitting in the garden here in Sunny Somerset with a nice Pina Colada... well I would be if it was warmer and not raining and I liked Pina Colada :funny:

A good start to your pen making with those 3, what woods have you used? :thumbs:

Vic Perrin
16-01-15, 14:00
Welcome to the Forum John. Some good looking pens you have done there mate. You will find tons of good advice and plenty of banter on here.


Terry Q
16-01-15, 14:04
Welcome John. Nice start to your addiction.:ciggrin:

16-01-15, 14:14
Welcome aboard John and nice looking pens BTW. !!!:thumbs:

16-01-15, 14:34
Welcome, John - it's good to see you've made a nice start with these pens!


16-01-15, 15:24
Hi and welcome to the mad house of which you will find plenty of nutters as well as a few plonkers which you need to be voted in by the plonker club chairman.

Some good looking first batch of pens

16-01-15, 15:34
Welcome John,

Nice set of pens.

Used to work at Morley a long time ago (lived in LS10 / 11 )

16-01-15, 17:48
Welcome to the Asylum John, nice pens mate! :thumbs:

16-01-15, 18:54
Nowt wrong with them John, well done.

16-01-15, 19:07
welcome to the forum john nice trio of pens :thumbs:

Phil Dart
16-01-15, 19:10
Welcome abouar John - and a nice way to start.

16-01-15, 19:15
Too late now John welcome to Hotel California. Looks like you've started ok :thumbs:

16-01-15, 19:18
Welcome to the Asylum John :thumbs:
As you can see from paulm's reply we let the inmates use the internet at this establishment :wink::funny:
Don't worry some of us are sane (twitch, twitch). Enjoy your stay and watch out for head nurse Jim with the medication :whistling::funny:

Oh and a nice trio of pens :thumbs:

16-01-15, 19:22
Welcome to the forum, pens look okay.


16-01-15, 19:24
Welcome to the forums John, three nice pens to get you started my friend .. :thumbs:

16-01-15, 19:27
Welcome aboard

16-01-15, 19:34
John still early morning here sitting in minimum clothing warm as with a tinge of cool in our summer neat intro with your first three you defeated this right away:nopics: a favourite comment first up welcome from over here mate have fun along the way. The suggestion has been made to me get a bed out there in the workshop.Three very credit worthy pens.


16-01-15, 23:17
Welcome to the forum John.Very nice trio of pens.:thumbs::thumbs:

16-01-15, 23:40
Welcome mate. Always nice to hear from a fellow west Yorkshire turner

17-01-15, 00:11
Thanks guys and girls,

Your comments are much appreciated just having got in from work, and Dan these are your pen kits delivered this week.

The wood is I believe is, left to right, from a 1950's dresser possibly Birch, then Walnut and Beech, then Spalted Beech. But I will admit I don't really know my woods unless someone points them out, So if I am wrong then put me right.

And in reference to the Hotel California, I've been checking out for years and never left.


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