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24-06-13, 21:36
Hi all - details of July's competition below:

Entries should be a segmented pen of any type, predominantly wood but with other materials allowed as long as they don't make up more than half of the blank. Entries should be judged on the complexity of the segmentation, best use of contrasting materials and overall beauty of the finished item. No modifications to the basic kit allowed (so as not to detract from the blanks). One entry per member, pen cannot have been shown on this or any other forum before the compo starts, and not to be posted on this or any other forum other than in the compo before it ends. The compo to be anonymous (I.e. PM pics of your entry to Jim who will post them in the entries thread without naming the creator).

Prize is four walnut inlay blanks (19x19x150) with cherry inlays, designs of the winner's choice. Shipped worldwide, sponsored by Sawdust & Sparkle.

We will try a simpler approach this month: entries have to be in by 26 July, nominations from members from 26th to 31st July. Most nominations wins. In the event of a tie Jim has a casting vote. Any questions feel free to post on this thread.

Open to members with 25 posts or more ...

25-06-13, 06:55
MMmmmm interesting... :ciggrin:

25-06-13, 08:46
Hmm better learn how to do segmenting

25-06-13, 19:04
Thanks for sponsoring this months Competition David, looking forward to seeing the entries ... :thumbs:

02-07-13, 08:39
Better get posting more......:goesred:

05-07-13, 21:06
Just a heads up for this months competition guys and gals .. :frenchkiss:

12-07-13, 20:44
Another heads up guys and gals ... :thumbs:

19-07-13, 18:32
One week left for the dead line folks ... :bwink:

22-07-13, 22:04
Closes this Saturday folks ... :bwink:

25-07-13, 19:07
Closes this Saturday folks ... :bwink:

Again folks, just a reminder ... :ciggrin: ...

28-07-13, 19:43
When dose the nominations start for this

28-07-13, 19:57
Sadly there were only two entries Alex, so it is better if we split the contest prizes between the two parties involved, i will PM them with the outcome .. :down:

28-07-13, 19:59
Do we get to see the entry's any way

28-07-13, 20:08
Sadly there were only two entries Alex, so it is better if we split the contest prizes between the two parties involved, i will PM them with the outcome .. :down:
That is such a shame. unfortunately I couldn't this month as I am away again.
I was looking forward to seeing the competition, visiting this forum is one of the things that keeps me occupied, enjoying the banter and viewing the wonders of your efforts.

29-07-13, 06:48
Sorry guys... I would have entered, but you may have gathered by my lack of interaction at present, that work has gone ballistic, I havent made a pen in a month...
I even spent 30 on bits.... :(
Normal service will resume soon..
i too love looking at the competitions, and it isnt through lack of enthusiasm that I didnt enter..

Here's to the next one.... Hopefully...


29-07-13, 19:31
Thanks guys, we will plod on as usual, also it is the holiday season so it is understandably people have better things to do, and Matty, work is always first my friend so no issue from me .. . .... :bwink:

30-07-13, 19:08
Here are the two entries for July's competition ...Both great looking pens ... :thumbs:

Silver's Pen is Maple with walnut segmentation, not a veneer..


Alex's Pen is a Walnut with Maple Celtic knot ...



Thanks all .... :thumbs:

30-07-13, 19:14
I love the way we both used the same timber

30-07-13, 19:51
Mirror images ...

30-07-13, 20:44
Both great pens I wouldn't want to choose between them.
What a coincidence with the woods, or is it a plot?:banana:

30-07-13, 20:47
is it a plot?:banana:

Yes Mohaha

30-07-13, 20:51
Great Pens

31-07-13, 18:49
Thanks all .....