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28-01-15, 09:21
The closed end pen competition (http://www.penturners.co.uk/penturners-competition-forum/9142-closed-end-pen-competition-entries.html) closes tonight. The members who entered worked hard to show us their best, the least we can do to repay their efforts is to choose a pen to vote for.

C'mon, it only takes a few seconds ... Except when you see the gorgeous pens and spend ten minutes going back and forth deciding who to vote for ... NO! What I meant was ...

.. Just do it! now! please?..

28-01-15, 10:10
Thanks for the reminder.:thumbs:

28-01-15, 10:39
Couldn't agree more. Every pen in this competition has the ability to be a winner and as said, a lot of work has gone into them and the setup by Peter. :thumbs: