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The Beaufort Mistral comes with a Beaufort nib, very smooth and far superior to JoWo in my opinion.

They also stock Bock nibs again far superior to JoWo

As for kits for steampunk, any of them can be done. All down to your skill and craftsmanship. I wouldn't bother with a slimline though, the return will not be worth it for the work you are going to put in. Check out my post.

Yet to try beauforts nibs. Will look into it.

Im a big jowo fan as i have quite a few twsbi's. Yet to try bock but am told they are scratchier and not as smooth. Only one way to find out!

I will crack on experimenting with different kits. Got an ares curing as we speak as a first dabble into watch part pens.