The foreman of an Irish road crew employed Paddy to Paint the White Lines line down the middle of the road.

He told Paddy that he should Paint two miles of road in a day’s work.

After the first day, the foreman was pleased to find that he'd Painted FOUR Miles of Road instead of the Two required.

On the second day, Paddy completed Painting just 2 miles of road.

The foreman was a bit disappointed, but didn’t complain as this was, after all, only what he’d asked for.

On day 3, the foreman was disappointed to find that Paddy had painted only One mile of road, and so asked, "On yer first day, ya did four moiles o’ road. On yer second ya did two moiles. But on yer turd day ya only did one moil. What’s up Paddy”..??

Paddy replied, "Well, oil tell ya what’s up, but I tought a clever bloke loik you woulda been able ta figger it out fer yerself"...!

"Yer see, every day I gets ferder an’ ferder away from dat Paint Can"..