I've had a couple of tutorials sitting here for quite a while that have been waiting to be uploaded, which after a few pointers from Jim a couple of weeks ago, I finally got my head around this morning. I've also taken the opportunity to re-organise them a little bit - some of the tutorials have been re-categorised, and there is now a link back to the Forum home page from every section.

If you're not familiar with the tutorials, and I'm sure that some people may not even know they exist, there is a link in the navigation bar at the top of every forum page, called Tutorials (funnily enough). Clicking on it will take you to a whole raft of how-to's and instructions on many aspects of pen making, that members of this Forum have been kind enough to commit to files, in order that we can all benefit from them

To save you finding the navigation button, here's a link to them. http://www.penturners.co.uk/misc/tutorials.php

Going through them this morning, I notice there are huge gaps that present opportunities for anyone wishing to write their own tutorial. For instance, I know that many members cast their own blanks, but there is only one tutorial on the subject. Without searching through a forest of posts on the forum, largely the subject remains a grey area for many people - from the differences between the many resins available to the type of procedure needed for each one, to the hints and tips that are only gained through experience.

Watch part blanks, polymer clay blanks, even a useful tutorial on applying CA (if that's your thing) are all lacking, and that is just off the top of my head.

If you feel inspired to write a tutorial, about any subject at all related to pen making, not just the topics I've mentioned, please feel free to send it to me either by PM or by email, for inclusion in the relevant section. You can't upload them yourselves I'm afraid - I have to do that from the Mothership, but it would be nice to build up a larger collection of knowledge, for the benefit of everyone here.

Do please give it some thought, (don't worry too much about the format - I can help you with that) and if you have something to share, I'd love to hear from you.