COVID Preps out front of house.

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Thread: COVID Preps out front of house.

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    COVID Preps out front of house.

    Two days aqgo I found buried as all good *One day* important things a high silver content Aluminium Plate left over from a Nuclear Reactor build at the local university,was intended as a BBQ Plate. Surplus to me I fitted this one to the Vee in the trailer. The construction used aircraft ally thirty or more yrs ago and the trailer weighed in at 115 kg including the wheels. Yesterday under cover of dark around 5pm I picked up the five lengths of metal 26 feet long on the ground on this my 6x4 feet trailer. tHe very thought horriried my dearly beloved. It was 30km from our place. I had red cloth hanging out the back,me and Duct Tape,rope and heaps of good fortune I will now proceed to fill in the 35 foot end of the car port.I picked up in a For Sale on Facebook.

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